Syrian civil war

The war has been going on for four years, it started in 2011 by Syrian dictator Bashar al sased.
For four different sides Assad, Isis, Kurd's, and Rebels, Hezbollah, Russia, and Iran, is with Assad, and Jordan, turkey and gulf state is with the rebels, the USA is on both sides.
2011 in July the protesters started shooting back, and had some asds amy joined them. Iran comes into the war in 2012
By 2013 the middle east is separated with rebels in turkey and Saudi or Arabia.
This is saying that millions of Syrians are displayed and would have to go to Europe, theses are refugees exceeds the limits of European government, and having further pressure on the west that aids Putin's aims.
Citizens were not able to find great jobs and could pay to live anymore so they had a protest.
It started with peaceful protester, and Syrian government responded violently.
People were angry with the government
The government were not helping the people with their money issue.
Because of the protesters, the government could not take it anymore and had to do something about then, and the government started fight the protesters.
A lot of countries have gotten involved seems the war started, picking what side to be in and was sending money over to help pay for weapons.
By Ellie Erickson

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