Romeo & Juliet Hanna Gerber

Good Intentions vs. bad consequences


Mercutio fighting Tybalt

Fights between Romeo, Tybalt and Mercutio - When Romeo and Tybalt got into a fight with each other, Romeo refused to fight and Mercutio, trying to stick up for Romeo fought with Tybalt instead. Mercutio had good intentions trying to stick up for his friend Romeo and fight for the Montague household but however there was bad consequences because he ended up dying after Tybalt stabbed him.

Juliet's "death": When Romeo killed Tybalt in a fight, Prince banished Romeo from Verona and he went to live in Manchua. Prince thought he was doing a good thing for the Capulets after Romeo killed one of their men. Juliet was sad about it, but Lord Capulet thought she was only sad about Tybalt's death. He arranged a wedding with Paris for that week thinking it would cheer her up. Juliet was mad and sad which caused her to fake her own death to be with Romeo and eventually actually kill herself.


Real Life Situation: A real life situation now would be if you decided to go have a fun time at this huge party with roughly 2000 people and make some memories with your friends. At this party since there are so many people something bad ends up happening to you or your friends and that would be a bad consequence. Then if your parents found out you could have some severe punishments which would end up in a bad result for you when you were just trying to have fun.


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