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Im a 10th grader at Zeeland East High School, I enjoy playing softaball, and have won 7 piano competitions; leaving with superior ratings. I also enjoy ART. I plan on going to college to become a children's social worker so I can work at the Helen Devos children's hospital in Grand Rapids. Some of the positive things that have happened in ART are, making new friendships, and not being bored to the point that I fall asleep in class. It's always better to have someone teach you something you don't know, than you trying to do it yourself and screw it up.

Elements of Art

Coming up with what to put down for the Elements of Art was a struggle for me, I had to be creative, yet my creativeness had to go along with Line, Value and Texture...... I spent more time thinking about what I was gong to do so mine was better then eve elSes, that I never really finished.... dont ever worry about being better than anyone else or if anyone elses art is better than yours. If you didnt created with your imagination, your hands, and that brush in your fingers, its not your art!!!

Stippling in my converse

I walkeD many miles to get to where I am today with Art. It took many steps for all of us to become the artist we are, some of us will move on and others will not this piece of art was one of my favorite because my creativity could move freely, I could stand up straight, knowing that I had something under me, giving me stable ground to stand on confidence, and my Converse.

That picture don't look like me

In the beginning i created This picture that is supposed to be me. It never turned out that way. In the beginning it was supposed to turn out perfect, with no flaws because i totally knew what i was doinG. NOT!!!!! I look back at this now, and laugh because i REALIZED that i couldve used some seRious hElp when drawing this picture of some random person. But things were gradually going to progress because it was time for my actual self portrait.

My pencil was made for drawing.....

We all need to have that one little thinG called confidenc, and i gained that whiLe drawing this picture. When i first started i didnt have the confidence that i needed or the motivation to even start. I wanted to start the hair, but then i would start on something elsE. This is kind of like life, you have to make your decisions for yourself once you know what you want, you cant keep switching Back And forth otherwise your life wOuld be an unfinished project.

And that's just what it did......

This was one of my lastest accomplishments, something that i want to show off to others that i know will give me praise. This is something that i can look back at, and remember that i acTually accomplished something in my life worth remembering.i can say " thats me"

Negative and positive Zebra

The head of my zebra takes up the positive space of the paper, or the white part, the negative part is where the body is, or the black space. The zebra went really well with positive and the negative space because the zebra was already black and white

Rum anybody? Jk

My sTill life took a lot of staring, energy, and patience for me to finish but i did it. I haD to use value, blending, and i had to use my space wisely. But i also haD to apPly light and heavy pressure in order to get it to look like you could see The bottle through the other Bottle.

Something called A dog

And then theres this. This is suppossed to be my dog on a scratch board. I have to be careful what kind of light and heavy pressure i used or what i had to Do to get the riht texture.

The challenges I found were asking for help, and not getting mad when something didn't turn out the way I wanted. But I enjoyed all of the wonderful, loving, interesting, and nice people I met here in the art room.


Created with images by ♡ dare to share beauty - "Starry Night Rose - Hybrid Oil & HDR"

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