Adoption Are there any negative effects from being adopted?


Do you ever wonder what an adopted child thinks about through out their lives knowing they're adopted? Do children feel grief over a loss of a relationship that they could've had with their birth parents? They weren't able to because their birth parents gave them away for some reason that could be money related or else they were not able to take care of the child. I want to know if an adopted child has any problems because of adoption. Does knowing that they aren't with their birth parents, cause problems like depression and stress and anxiety?


The survey that I created showed that about a third of the people who answered the survey (35.3%) do think about the adopted child's thoughts and about a third (35.3%) don't. A little less than a third (29.4%) said maybe.

Do you ever think about an adopted childs thoughts?

On the second question that I had there were mostly sad answers. There were answers like, "I want to know my birth parents" and "why did they leave?" But from my personal experience I know that the main reason why birth parents give you away is because they wanted you to have a second chance at life. Maybe they could afford normal baby stuff or maybe they were too poor and knew that if they gave you up that you could have a better life. But they would never abandon you because they really just wanted you to have a better life.

Some answers to what goes through an adopted childs thoughts

My last question was if they should meet their birth parents, and many people (52.9%) thought yes. Some people (35.3%) thought maybe, but some people (11.8%) thought that they should not. That's their opinion but I think many kids would want to know their birth parents.

Do you think the adopted child would want to know who their birth parents are?


In an article I read on, they said that some children might also feel like they are betraying their forever family if they want to express that they want to know what their birth parents are doing or what has happened to them. Another article I read on said that some children might feel insecure because they don't know where they belong in life or in their families life. But there can be a way to have the adopted child open up to you and not be so insecure or to make them feel less abandoned. You could make familiar surroundings that the child knows and feels happy around. You could also ask them about what's going on in their head. There can always be a solution to everything if you open up to them. It's been really interesting for me to read these articles and see the answers to the questionnaire. It seems like most people think adoption has some negative effects, but from personal experience its all great!


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