What I Learned In Financial Literacy By zak vergotine

I Learned how to make money on the stock market. You can make money by buying low and selling high. That is called Capital Gain. Another way is to get your dividends from the company.
I learned how to find the best prices for cars that I want and if I am getting ripped off by the car company. This is possible by using websites like Edmunds or Carfax.
I learned how much taxes we pay and the cutoff between each tier. To be paying any income tax at all you have to be making at least 9,000$ a year. After that the rich can pay up to a 50% tax.
I learned how quick and easy it is to get into credit card debt. But I also learned that with help you can climb your way out of credit card debt.
This semester I also learned how to read a bank statement and how to do bank reconciliations. I also learned how to balance a checkbook. This will be extremely useful in the real world when i get out of school and need these things for my life. I will be able to know if my checks will bounce, and I will know what a bounced check is.

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