Diamond Land Create your own government project By mrs. dupree

Diamond Land is a democracy. Diamond Land is an island in the Pacific next to Hawaii (Ring of Fire). The country Diamond land was created when ancient Diamond cave women wanted to create a new government for 2 reasons. First, the women wanted to have more say in their government. Secondly, the women also wanted to receive diamond rings before they were married. The island of Diamond Land is tropical and has an average temperature of 83’ where there has been no sightings of snow besides on their high mountaintops.
This is what the shores of Diamond Land look like.
Diamond Land Executive Branch: Diamond Land has an elected leader that is voted directly by the people every 6 years. The leader will be called the ShaDiamond. The ShaDiamond cannot pass laws to the legislative branch without 2/3 approval from their cabinet. The ShaDiamond can veto laws from the legislative branch, but has to have a written justification on how to the fix the bill/law.
Judicial Branch:


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