Inigo Jones By: Charlie Kneissl-Williams

Inigo Jones was born June 15, 1573 in London, UK. Inigo spent most of life in London, UK. Inigo specialized as an architect but tried many other arts, like most other people of his time. Inigo was a traveler and a bit of a workaholic.Inigo was the one of the most notable architects. He made the Banqueting Hall in London, St. Paul's in the Covent Garden, and the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, London. Inigo worked for the different monarchs of the UK, so his main monarch was King Charles I. His main isms were classicism (columns and arches)and naturalism (light differences coordinating colors) .

One of Inigo's most famous creations was the Banqueting Hall. It was started in 1619 and was completed in 1622. This is a building located in London. It was the first building t officially use neo-classicism, or new classicism, which is the revival of techniques used in the Classical Age. This piece interests me because the insides of this bland-outside building are gorgeous. It was used to hold fancy meals of celebration hosted by the royal family.

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