forever green By: Tyger Enderlin

" For in the true nature of things, if we rightly consider, every green tree is far more glorious then if it were made of gold and silver. "- Martin Luther

Artist Statement

I believe that nature is something that can't be replaced, but is being changed, so I must capture it while I can. People are always on their phones or the internet, with an animated experience, and what kind of experience is that? What memories should be limited to the imagination of others, then your own imagination?


My Name is Tyger Enderlin( yes, Tyger like the animal), I was born on the 16th of November and live in Vancouver WA, my favorite color is green.When I was little, I remember ruining though this patch of trees with my sister, pretending to be in the jungle as explores. Theses are the memories that stay with me, that have impacted my life in my adolescence. Walking in the forest now, I don't know how anyone couldn't be in awe at the natural beauty of the world.

Black and White, Implied Line
Color Psychology, Story Starter
Story Starter, Minimalism, Vertical Line
Framing Device
Framing Device
Rule of Thirds, Story Starter
Lines, Story Starter
Small Scale
Repetition, Fill the Frame
Self Portrait, Black and White

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