B Somers Art 1 Portfolio

Goal Card

As my goal card shows, my goals were: to be more calm, to relax (breathe), and to learn more. The colors I used represent my goals in a way of them making the card "easy on the eyes" to show a sense of being calm and relaxed.

Pretest Drawings

My pretest drawings were done in pencil and were under time constraint. I have improved much since these were done.

Contour Line Drawings

Our assignment was to do a contour line drawing of our shoe. I learned that a contour line drawing was to not pick up your pencil as you were drawing to make an outline of a picture.
This contour line drawing of a skull was done with pencil, water, and water soluble graphite. I feel like my style for this piece would be very sketchy and rough.

Gesture Drawings

Gesture drawings are drawn quickly to show actions or impressions of subjects or scenes. For these pieces we used black crayon and had our classmates model these actions.

Value Scale

The value scale shows all levels of dark and light.

Geometric Forms

We drew spheres, cylinders, and cones using different pencils with certain types of hard or soft graphite. We showed the different types of shadows and highlights using the value scale.
We drew a drawing mannequin and we used our knowledge of how to draw shapes with value to base it off of. We showed the different values of shades and tints with shadows and highlights.

Perspective Cubes

For these pieces, we drew cubes and/or rectangular prisms using a vanishing point to show 1-point perspective or 2-point perspective. We also showed value using the vanishing points as a light source.


We first used a template to get the right shape of the eyes and then we used shading techniques to get in all of the little details. The eyes on the right are supposed to be my own eyes.
Noses are made mostly just from shading, tints, shadows, and highlights.
I had a bit of a struggle with these ears and I still have a lot more to learn about the shading and shape of ears.
Mouths have specific ways of what should be shaded and where the highlights are. They also must be blended very well so that there aren't too many lines.


These puppets all started out as cardboard, were given wooden support, some were filled with paper, papier-mâché was added, and they were painted. Some were given special cloth to cover the supports or to hide the person that would hold the puppet.
Dancers took the puppets and gave them life through movement and dance.

Our class was responsible for making the penguins, painting a lot of puppets, doing the clouds, making some hand puppets, and much more.

During the time when we were working on the puppet show, I mainly worked on the penguins, the hand puppets, the clouds, and painting many of the animals. I had done a lot of work with cardboard and papier-mâché for the penguins and clouds. It took a lot of work to paint the puppets, because you had to make them very detailed and you had to add shadows and highlights to make the puppet more lifelike. When you painted the puppets, you had to make the shadows and highlights more dramatic so that you could see the details from far away onstage. The end result of this project was very beautiful and everything came together well.

Digital Collage

Bright Psyche

Surrealism expresses creativity by giving artists the ability to show feelings through techniques such as visual metaphors, juxtaposition, dream imagery, distortion, scale, and more. The techniques I used would be scale and levitation

In my opinion, I feel that my art looks very outgoing with a lot of colors put all together. I use a lot of interesting pictures that someone might not use because they consider it odd and I put them together to make something original. I feel that this project has taught me a lot about art, about myself, and about my abilities. The symbols I used included a Bodhi tree, a squirrel, a lotus flower, and a faded sun which all, in a way, represent my personality. The Christ the Redeemer is a statue of Jesus Christ in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, which represents the culture I selected.

Self Portrait

This is the photograph that was used to make the pop art self portrait.
This was the marker board once the pencil had been transferred from the tracing paper.
Self Portrait

For this project, we first used watercolors on the marker board for the background. Then, we took photos of ourselves and transferred the photos in pencil from a piece of tracing paper to the marker board. We then painted our portraits using acrylic paint and once it dried, we used colored pencils for the little details. My color scheme for this project was an analogous arrangement of blue, blue-green, and blue-violet.

Pop art is art that is based off of popular cultural references.

Clay Mask

This would be what I thought I would make my clay mask look like. Through the process of making it, it had a few changes.
Nature Being

For this project, I really enjoyed using my hands to create something beautiful from something that starts out so raw. The clay was molded, carved, fired, painted, and glazed. There were a lot of specific steps for this project and a lot of details had to be remembered so that it would all turn out the way it should be. This would be my most favorite project this year. I used many symbols for myself that we studied for the personality project on my mask and some specific colors. I picked South America as my culture and showed it by using some patterns on my mask and by how the mask is shaped.

What I Learned In Art This Year

I believe that I learned many important things this year. I first learned the basic things about art, such as the elements and principles of art and how to apply them to my creations. I learned how to properly shade geometric forms, what all of the different values were, and how to incorporate value into any piece of art. I was taught the correct ways on how to draw realistic facial features and how to add value: shading and highlights. We also learned how to edit photos on PicMonkey and make them into our own pop art creations. I figured out how to make a digital collage on PowerPoint using clip art and how to incorporate the different types of surrealism. I learned how to use clay to make a beautiful piece of art and all of the steps it takes to make it, also adding surrealism into it. Then we had edited photos of ourselves, enlarged the photo using pencil onto tracing paper, transferred the pencil onto a marker board that was painted with watercolors, painted, and then added details with colored pencil. The self portrait also used pop art techniques. I believe that all of these projects have helped me become a better artist.


"The only time I feel alive is when I'm painting" - Vincent Van Gogh


The Rehearsal of the Ballet Onstage (ca. 1874) - Edgar Degas (French, Paris 1834–1917 Paris)

Oil colors freely mixed with turpentine, with traces of watercolor and pastel over pen-and-ink drawing on cream-colored wove paper, laid down on bristol board and mounted on canvas.

This piece is kept at the Metropolitan Museum.

This piece is one of my favorite pieces for a few reasons. I really love how the dancers were painted and I find the style very interesting. I love how just by looking at the piece, you can sort of experience what is happening in the ballet rehearsal and in your mind, you can imagine the dancers dancing. Everything is so detailed and it's so interesting to look at, while it also being easy on the eyes because of the shades and tints of the colors. I also love how every object or person in the painting has a specific texture or way that they were painted.


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