Sofia Liashcheva photographer

Portrait/Editorial Photography

Antelope Valley, Lancaster

Event Photography

FCI Fashion Show '19
NILC Courageous Luminaries Awards '19
LACMA Andell Family Day '19

Travel Photography

Lviv, Ukraine
Krakow, Poland
Los Angeles Union Station
Seattle, Washington
Mount Rainier, Washington


Sofia Liashcheva is a Russian-born queer artist. She moved to the United States in 2017 and it has significantly changed her not only as an artist but a person. She has become more liberated in expressing who she is through photography. Sofia studied at the Academy of Arts for Youth in her hometown in Siberia and is planning to pursue arts throughout her life. She is currently an intern at Las Fotos Project. She believes that nowadays art is mainly centered around activism, expression and awareness. Sofia wants to capture the beauty and uniqueness of every moment, person, living and non-living thing that surround her.

Email: slyascheva@gmail.com Insta: @bl_cc