China & Taiwan By: Maddie Johnson


-Located in Asia

-Conflict over Taiwans independence

-China is a one party state(China Communist Party)

Map of China

Geographic Analysis:

-China and Taiwan are primarily involved

-Are divided over independence, not religion

-Separated by East China Sea

People of Taiwan

Current Political Situation:

-China does not recognize Taiwan as a separate nation

-Relations have been relatively good since the 1980's

-China proposed "One China, Two Systems" where Taiwan could operate on its own but still be apart of China

-Taiwan refused but did relax trade and investing with China

-Taiwan wants sovereignty



United States Interests:

-United State has to decide whether or not to recognize Taiwan as a separate state

-US relations are relatively good with both Taiwan and China

-I think the US should officially recognize Taiwan as a separate state

Road to Recovery:

-This conflict could be solved if Taiwan is granted sovereignty

-If this was the solution, China would have to implement it. The disadvantage for China would be they'd lose part of their country

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