Cassidy Coldren Portfolio Art 1 Portfolio

Card 1: Line & Rhythm

Card 2: Shape & Movement

Card 3: Form & Proportion

Card 4: Color & Unity

Card 5: Space & Balance

Card 6: Texture & Repetition

Card 7: Value & Pattern

Card 8: Variety

Card 9: Emphasis

This is my finished card for line and rhythm.
This is the background for my line and rhythm card.
Here, I mixed the the two colors red and white to make a pretty pink.

Through this project, I learned that is you combine the Principles of Design and the Elements of Art, you can create really cool art. I also learned how and used the technique of monoprintng. What I found most challenging was that the paint drys really fast on the plastic piece and if you have a lot of paint on the plastic piece when you monoprint, it will smear all over your paper.

My favorite card would have to be the emphasis one because I like the kite. I like the way it shows movement as it moves up the card. I also like the way the colors red and orange stand out.

This is my finished project. My theme is movement in real life objects.

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