Jr Tucker best high school BY rOLLING STONE

John Randolph tucker high school is one of the best school in henrico county district. John Randolph is ranked #1 in sol passing rate. John Randolph has the best teacher who go out of there to help students pass. They all so have verity of school program like spanish, tech. , french and art.

John Randolph has the best sports time in Virginia. The football has been undefeated the whole year. The soccer team has only lost 1 match and the basketball time hasn't been defeat yet. So if you attended John Randolph and your good at sports big college get their first pick from JR Tucker. You have higher chance of getting an school ship.

JR tucker has one of the best lunch program. they focus on eating healthy. JR. Tucker focuses on students health and all the nutrition need. they have the best chef in the kitchen. JR. tucker has good gym to stay healthy and you dont need to play sports to use the weight room In conclusion JR Tucker is county best school i would highly recommend going to JR tucker high school.

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