Donating Deserves an advertising campaign for the Foundation of Arts in Jonesboro, Arkansas by: Lauren Rose

Donating Deserves

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Objective
  • Audience
  • Creative Work
  • The Grand Finale

Hi, I'm Lauren Rose

I am a senior at Arkansas State University, on my way to obtaining a bachelors in graphic design with my minor in digital design. I've worked for a few companies where my job was to handle their social media and create post for their multitude of events. This assignment has by far, been my favorite to work on.

This semester, I took Advertising Design. We were instructed to create an advertising campaign for the Foundation of the Arts. Thank you so much for taking the time to look over this page that I have created for you. This campaign consist of three print ads along with ten Instagram post, as well as a few pieces of merchandise for this campaign.

The Big Idea

The main goal for the campaign is to gain donations - donations of money as well as donations of time. The first step is to create a BIG Idea for the ad campaign to follow. This idea needs to be big enough to capture the interest of the target audience and show the tangible and emotional benefits of donating.

The Audience

The Audience

The target audience is people with at least some disposable income in the region FOA serves who may or may not be aware of this important community institution.

Creative Works

These print ads are perfect at capturing the eyes of people. The type being large, bold and loud will help set straight the intentions of this campaign for the FOA. Not to mention the added bright color and high contrast will easily capture the eyes of anyone near.

AD #1
AD #2
AD #3

One of the best ways to reach out to people, and gather an audience is by social media. One of, if not the most, popular social media platform available is Instagram. The use of hashtags can capture the audience's interest and along with the matching aesthetic of these Instagram post, will tie the profile together. Social media is a way to connect with people and update them with what the FOA is up to.

the key to capture the eyes and attention of the people on Instagram is having a matching feed that is cohesive and balanced.


Whether on backpacks, jean jackets or a vest, these buttons are bright and ready to capture the eyes.
Sipping some tea and also spreading the word

The Grand Finale

Hopefully this presentation of my campaign helps you visualize the Big Idea of donation for the FOA. These elements of color, type and visualizations were carefully chosen to help show the Big Idea. Thank you once again for taking the time and looking at my collection of posters, post and pages, and hopefully this can help the FOA gain more donations.

If you have any questions or just simply want to say hi, please feel free to reach out to me!

email: lauren.rose3@smail.astate.edu

phone: 870-810-2440

Created By
Lauren Rose


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