Fishing Made Easy


How to catch a fish and care for it if you want to eat it?

Where is a good place to fish.

What time should I fish at.

How to catch a fish.

How to skin a fish.

To take a fish off the hook

What do I need to fish.

What should I use for bait

How do I know what fish I caught

When do I know if I can keep a fish

When do I know if you have a fish on the hook

Where is a good place to fish? ANYWHERE!

What time should I fish at? Night if you can see.

How to catch a fish? Cast your line in.

How to skin a fish? It’s a galore

How to take a fish off the hook? Rippen jaws

What do I need to fish?

Introduction Sentence: Fishing is all about a fun sport that you and your parents can do together it is so peaceful because you could be on the flat water with loons and the sunset hope you enjoy.

Fishing Made Easy!

What time should I fish at. At night I would say because they are more hungry than in the middle of the day.If you're in a good spot it’s like the fish know you're right there. Baiting the hook and taking the fish off the hook don’t get me started about it taking the fish off the hook I tried and tried big fish small fish it just doesn’t work out for me baiting the hook it may sound crazy but I can bait anything but a worm. Skinning the fish I just can’t watch when its jaw and eyes stay open.

How do I know how deep I should be. Fishing is all about getting it out far or deep or if you're in a place where the fish are right at the dock like Glen Lake where I caught a 17 inch speckled trout I also caught another speckled Trout that was 22 inches speckled Trout’s have a jaw that looks like a salmon jaw its jaw goes up to its nose in Tokyo people eat trout eggs. Perch are my favorite besides salmon Perch black stripes going down them also they taste really good.

What do you need for fishing you don’t need a lot of stuff fishing all you need is a rod hook and some bait. Here are some spots where I like to go fishing Glen Lake, Lake George , Hovey pond where I caught a turtle there are a lot of turtles there, Hudson Point Nature Preserve. The fish that you can catch at those places are for Lake George you can catch Landlock Salmon, Perch, Lake Trout, Largemouth and smallmouth bass,Rock bass. At Glen Lake you can catch Perch, Largemouth and smallmouth bass, speckled Trout and Muskies at the Hudson Point Nature preserve you can catch Rainbow Trout Brook Trout Brown Trout, Perch, sunfish and Bass. At hovey pond you can catch sunfish, turtles, bass and trout. There are some good places to fish.

How do I know if I can keep a fish and how do I skin it. Most fish have to be 12 inches or over to keep Perches have to be over 8 inches to keep If you want to keep a fish I would either put it in a bucket with water or put in a plastic bag and bang it on something hard when you get home you might want to put it in the freezer once you are ready to skin it first cut its head off, second there are these small fins below its head you want to cut right down the middle and get the meat off and then you to do that on the other side and you have a fine meal.

Conclusion paragraph

So now you have it do you think you would want to go fishing someday it’s a fun easy sport.


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