Robotics - Bee-Bot and Blue-Bot DIGIDESIGN WITH MRS HADFIELD

What is a robot?

A robot is a mechanical device that can be programmed to follow a set of instructions. Robots have processing units, sensors to help them perceive things in the surrounding environment, and motors and actuators so that they can move. Robots may also have the added programmable functionality of lights, sounds or speech recognition.

Watch this video about Robots.

You've already worked with Bee-Bots, and this year you'll be working with a friend of his.


Try out a Virtual Bee-Bot. Choose a mat and program Bee-Bot to go where you want. The instructions are included.

  • Open the Bee-Bot app on your iPad.
  • Tap the How to Play icon for instructions and a refresher about the buttons on Bee-Bot.
  • Play the Garden Game to code your Bee-Bot and solve the challenges.
  • Screen record one of your programs and as Bee-Bot moves across the screen.
  • Upload to Seesaw


Even though you don't have a Blue-Bot right now, you can still practise programming one, and solving different challenges. It works the same way as the Bee-Bot, with the same directions, but an added 45 degree turn. Using the Blue-Bot app on your app you can program a virtual Blue-Bot right in your own home!
  • Open the app. Tap Start. Close 'Select Blue-Bot' window
  • Choose Challenge Mode (bottom one)
  • Tap Get from A to B mode
  • Choose Photograph grid. Choose simple level (☆) to start with and then challenge yourself.
  • Enter the direction codes to get Blue-Bot from where he is on the grid to the finish flag. Tap go.
  • Screen record one try.
  • If you are doing well at this. Try a harder level (☆☆☆). After several tries at a harder lever level, tap on the flag at the top of the screen.
  • Choose Obstacles, to make it more challenging.
  • Screen record another try. Upload to Seesaw. Tell me what you enjoyed about this activity.

Have fun with virtual robotics!