North KoreanHealthSystem By: Christopher Kim


In North Korea, there are people who aren't receiving good health care in hospitals. They either go through surgery without anesthetics, or they have a short storage of medicine in hospitals. Also, many hospitals operate without electricity or heat.

How did I arrive at this issue

I arrived at this issue during science class. We were talking about how many people in the United States don't have health insurance. So, my first topic was going to be on Korean Americans coming into the U.S without health insurance That was when I began to expand more on my ideas. I didn't realize, but as I expanded my ideas, the idea of creating my own health insurance came to my mind because if health insurance is a big problem in the U.S, it must be a problem all around the world. So, I was thinking whether or not I could overachieve from Obamacare and Trump care (that all ready failed.

How does it relate to me on a personal level

I don't have a relationship personally with the issue, but however, by having researched about North Korea, I was able to gain knowledge about the current issues and problems North Korea faces.

What do I want to accomplish by learning more on the issue

I want to accomplish a certain goal for this issue on the North Korea and its system. I could possibly donate surgical tools and other equipment to facilitate the surgical processes shown in North Korea.

Why should you consider it?

I think that it is important to know what is happening to our neighboring country up on the North side because before North Korea turned to a communist country, the two sides of Korea was one full and non-separated group of people and they got along each other. Now they are separated from South Korea and we should help them any way we can possibly think.


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