My Tour of the Harn Ellie Waskom

Medium of the Art

There are many creative pieces that incorporated different styles of art. One of my favorites was created by Nancy Grace in 1994. Her abstract piece was curious to me initially. It is composed of glass, patina, and bronze. It incorporated a variety of different pieces that put together to make one. The different parts consisted of horseshoe crabs, bones, and even instruments. They represented various subjects like art, nature, and history. The awkwardness of the combination was appealing to me. It is one of those pieces that is appreciated more if seen in person because the awkward aspect of its randomness becomes relatable. The abstract sculpture reminded me that sometimes a whole piece of art can be constructed of small independent pieces of art. It reminded me that even if I am not apart of something, I can still be art and whole on my own. It made me feel independent.

Design of the Museum

The museum was beautifully organized. Most of the pieces were organized by their origin. While I enjoyed majority of the exhibits, one of them truly stood out. My favorite exhibit was actually the "Ceramics: Avenues of Exchange" wing. It was big and very open. The ceramics surrounded the walls in big glass cases. The room was well lit and included natural light that escaped from the windows of the water garden. It was almost as if you were left alone with beautiful walls in a bright and spacious area. It was like a breath of fresh air standing in the hall. It was so open and peaceful. I found solace in being engulfed by the colorful yet simple pieces of art. I found beauty in the simplicity of the exhibit.

Ceramics feat: me

Art and Core Values

The piece of art that I connected most with was created by Linda Kohen in 2003. The piece is called "Cama Alta" and is an oil painting of an empty bed. To the artist, it represented her bed soon after her husband died. She painted a series of these. Some of her paintings had tossed sheets or imprints left by someone sleeping. My perspective of the empty bed is a reminder that we need to have strength. Through this exhausting life sometimes we need strength to get out of bed and keep going. Sometimes we need the strength because the person we used to share a bed with is gone. Sometimes we need the strength to learn to sleep alone again. We need strength to flat out live life and face whatever it throws at us. An empty bed is reminder that people get sick and leave behind an empty space, whether it is in a bed or in a heart. It is important to have strength not only for ourselves but also to honor those we lost.

Art and the Good Life

Agustin Cardenas created a sculpture called "Family" in 1991. The piece of art depicts two parents joined together with a child between their laps. The sculpture represents the good life because it represents relationships. The bodies are not defined and detailed but the connection between the figures is. A good life must be lived individually but through others. A life of solitude is easy and simple but a complicated and painful life that is lived for and with others is good. The theme is to protect relationships. It is imperative to live outside just yourself and accept that with loving others you learn to love yourself. The sculpture encompasses that love and trust can be beautiful even if the details of it are unclear.


All of the photos were taken by me and of me

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