Armenian Genocide Outlawing violence in the world

Bullying is a problem around the world. Kids are getting hurt for no reason and that shouldn't happen at all because everybody should be friendly to each other. We have to try to outlaw violence because everybody should show love each other. Everybody deserves to be loved because everybody has feelings. If you treat somebody with respect then they will treat you the same way. So getting rid of violence is the best way for people to treat each other with respect.

In this picture you see Armenians protesting so there message could get crossed. They want the US to accept the Armenian Genocide as a Genocide because the atrocities actually happened.

Dear World Companies,

The world should be a better place because everybody should respect each other. Violence should be outlawed because violence isn't about everything and respecting each other can really make the world a better place. Right now there is violence everywhere in the world. People should come together and fight against violence because many people are dying because of that. People aren't realizing that violence is the big picture here but they are focusing on smaller details and issues. For example would be the Armenian Genocide because many Armenians are fighting for the acceptance of the Genocide. We don't want any Genocide to happen everybody has feelings and were all people and we all need each other. Hatred is the worst thing that could happen in this world. It's because of hatred that people are getting hurt and dying. So once again I just want the world to be in peace.


Hakop Nagapetyan

Dear Diary,

My goal in the future is to make the world a greater place. Of course I'm going to go to college and pursue what I like doing best but it wouldn't hurt to help out the world from the side. My goal is to outlaw violence in the world so know one can suffer. In poor countries there are many kids that suffer from the violence that is occurring in their country. An example would be in some parts of Africa like Rwanda. The Rwandan Genocide killed hundreds of innocent people and left many kids without parents. I sometimes wonder why these horrible people commit horrible atrocities. At the end of the day were all people and we all deserve respect. If these violence disappear the world will be in peace and people wouldn't have to think about losing their loved ones. This concludes my diary for the day.


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