Support the causes you care about beyond your lifetime

What legacy will you leave? After your lifetime, what impact will you have made?

Planned giving ensures that the causes you care about continue to receive support beyond your lifetime. If malnourished infants in Doña Ana County are your primary passion, a planned gift in support of a non-profit organization that provides services to benefit this particular population will ensure that future generations receive the care they need, in part because of your generosity.

Your contribution can ensure a future where the homeless find homes, where the hungry are fed and where positive relationships are fostered between children and their caregivers, to name a few ways you might choose to make a difference.

A bequest might allow you to leave the legacy you always dreamed of leaving. And you’re not alone. The National Philanthropic Trust claimed, “It is estimated that between $6.6 trillion and $27.4 trillion in charitable bequests will be made between 1998-2052.”

Simply put – a bequest is property and/or money one designates to a particular beneficiary or beneficiaries in their will. A charitable bequest allows individuals to name the non-profit organizations that best align with their philanthropic interests and can be used to create an endowment (a fund that exists indefinitely) or contribute to an existing fund. Bequests are the most common form of planned giving.

It’s never too early to create a will. And, if you’re interested in a bequest, it’s important to note that a bequest can be revoked at any time. If you established a bequest at age 30, it’s possible that your interests will change by age 60; or maybe you will find a non-profit that better aligns with your philanthropic goals than one you previously supported. The flexibility of bequests makes giving simple.

To learn more about planned giving, regional non-profits and areas of greatest need in southern New Mexico, email Terra Winter at or call 575-521-4794. We would be happy to discuss your legacy with you.

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