CMC Spring Valley Tour 10 miles south of Glenwood Springs and 35 miles northwest of Aspen

Welcome to the self-guided Colorado Mountain College Spring Valley at Glenwood Springs campus tour! This page contains a detailed look inside many of the buildings at Spring Valley.

If you're following along on campus, connect to our free WIFI: GuestNET

STOP #1 - J. Robert Young Alpine Ascent Center

Opened in Fall 2019, the Alpine Ascent Center is a great place to talk to your advisor, warm up by the fireplace, find a quiet study room, or browse the Campus Store.

Grab a snack or coffee between classes.

STOP #2 - Sopris Residence Hall

Living on campus helps you become an active member of the CMC community and keeps you in the loop about student organizations and great campus events such as open mic night, bowling trips, and hot springs pool parties.

STOP #3 - Summit Student Commons

STOP #4 - Quigley Library

Find all the research resources you need to ace your classes!

Books (for fun and studying), movies, music, and more are available for check out.

This is also where our Writing Lab is located, where you can ensure you are writing the best essays possible.

Study rooms, for individuals or groups, are available.

Find a comfy spot to do your homework or collaborate with friends.

STOP #5 - Calaway Academic Building

This is our main academic building where students will take most of their classes.

This is also home to our New Space Theatre, the Isaacson School of Communication, Arts & Media, as well as our Nursing department.

Also located in this building is our Alpine Lab where students can receive free tutoring and academic assistance.

STOP #6 - Isaacson School Prototype Lab

Get trained and develop experience with high-tech tools including 3D printers, laser engravers and CNC machine. Or, master the classic skills of screen printing or wood working with a wide array of power and hand tools.

All Isaacson School students have the opportunity to create in the Prototype Lab.

STOP #7 - Outdoor Leadership Center & Field House

The newest addition to our campus is the state-of-the-art Outdoor Leadership Center & Field House.

This facility is a full-service gym with an indoor running/walking track, cardio machines, and a weight room.

It's also home to one of the tallest indoor rock climbing walls on the Western Slope of Colorado!

STOP #8 - High Ropes Course

STOP #9 - Veterinary Technology Farm

Across the road from campus, this is a 220-acre working farm where all our Veterinary Technology students have the opportunity to work with goats, chickens, horses, and even a golden eagle.

The farm is fully equipped with state of the art equipment so that you are more than ready to step into the field of veterinary medicine when you graduate.

Have questions or want to learn more about CMC? Reach out and we'll be happy to help.