The Roaring 20's The 1920's were a return to normalcy because of the prohibition, the Great Migration, and immigration.

The Prohibition

"A person can be tried for murder, and punished accordingly, if they are suspected of selling alcohol that resulted in the death of the person drinking it." This quote from Document B is talking about the "Hooch Murder" bill. The bill was trying to ban alcohol use because people believed that it caused criminal acts. Others believed that alcohol killed people. The bill continues to say that if someone dies because of alcohol, then the person who sold it to them will be charged for murder. This is the best evidence for my thesis because people were dying and the Prohibition created more laws for something that only needed to be controlled.

The Great Migration

"I am fed up with Jim Crow laws, people who are cruel and afraid, who lynch and run, who are scared of me and me of them." This quote, from Langston Hughes, talks from an African American's point of view in the 1920's. He was referring to the racists who were responsible for what was happening to people of color. They had been lynched and used as slaves for sharecropping. They were being killed and discriminated against everyday, which scared Hughes and everyone in his same position. This is the best evidence for my thesis because it talks about how the African American's of 1920 were treated.


"No alien, advocating the overthrow of existing law and order in this country, shall escape arrest and prompt deportation." This quote from Immigration Document A is saying that America needs to keep aliens from breaking the law in our country. Any foreigner that goes against the government will be arrested or deported. Foreigners were unwanted in our country. I think this is the best evidence for my thesis because nothing has changed. The US is still against immigrants coming to our country.

I chose this political cartoon because it is saying that alcohol keeps us from progressing towards a better country.

The Other Side

Some may argue that the 1920's was a time of change and innovation. I understand why they say that because women became more independent and free. They also gained more rights and jazz music was becoming more popular and influential. However, that argument is incorrect because although women gained more rights and jazz became more popular, the problems I stated above were still bigger. Those conflicts kept us from improving as a country.

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