Iman's Page Black Lives Matter // free palestine

Week #1

Week #2

Week #3

I was trying to communicate calmness through the photo. Flowers can symbolize a sense of calm and happiness. Our world can be very chaotic and taking the time to look at nature or take a piece of it with you can almost be like a pause button to just stop and breath.

Week #4

This picture's message is that there are gong to be people who hate but you just have to be yourself and keep looking forward. Don't let people get under your skin.

Week #5

A lot of Muslim women took of their hijab after 9/11 because they were scared to be attacked by islamophobes but I believe that hijab has struggles and that's apart of the whole experience and it makes you a stronger person. I would never take my scarf off because this is my way of getting closer to God and staying modest. So this is a picture of me fixing my hijab.

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