Olive oil heritage

Since 1895, Pallarés and Ortega families have been producing in a mechanical and strictly agricultural manufacturing of olive oil. Now in 2017, after more than a century of history and improvement of techniques, both families unified under the legacy of their daughter Macarena. Macarena as legacy and heritage of her family has decided to take a step forward following the dream of his father: create a unique olive oil from centenary olives trees that produce the best quality of oil. From all the family lands that exceed to over eighty kilometres’ squares of olives trees, Macarena has selected the most unique and perfect olives to create a premium olive oil capable to take the family name to another level. Olives picked up in the first fifteen days, refined at the lowest temperature possible and kept in the best conditions to produce a unique and exclusive olive oil that deserves to be called green gold.

With centenary olive trees located at the perfect high and unique soil conditions, Macarena Olivenöl transmits quality and flavour to take our customers to a new gastronomic experience. With more than a century of experience with a manufacturing process unified with love and dedication of a whole family business, Macarena Olivenöl brings a small piece of heritage that only best products in the market will be able to match. Hard work, passion and strict quality could perfectly describe the process of creating this unique product. Macarena Olivenöl brings a small piece of Córdoba, the land of olives trees and where the best olive oil comes from. From the top of a mountain in Priego to your table without losing even one single notion of heritage, flavor or passion.


Olive selection

From the over eighty kilometres’ square of olive trees Macarena Olivenöl is made with a unique olive: Picuda. Picuda olive is a unique type of olive which is believed to produce the best quality of olive oil. With a peculiar form, Picudas are not completely round but long. It flavour is characterized for being a smooth flavour with a gentle touch of bitter, something unique and rare to know how to explode from this characteristic and unique olive. The Picudas used in the process are not only unique because of their type of olive, but also unique because of their location. Location is something key for olive oil. In the case of Macarena Olivenöl the olives grow in olives trees located in the top of a mountain in a ground up over six hundred meters of the sea level, in between other varieties of olive trees and with a soil rich in minerals that gives the olive unique characteristics. The olives are personally selected by Macarena using all her experience and knowledge inherited from her father. All the labour force is used during the first fifteen days to pick up these unique olives to transform them into a green gold unique and premium for our customers.

From olive to olive oil

After picking the olives Picuda by hand in the ground up fields at the beginning of the olive oil season; November, the olives are moved to the so called "Almazaras". The "Almazaras" are the small factories that refine the olives into olive oil. The correct election of them is key in creation of a unique oil. The difference between Macarena Olivenöl Gourmet and Macarena Olivenöl Reserva Familiar is such, the Almazara where they were processed. Reserva Familiar was quickly picked and taken into a small Almazara located in Baena, Córdoba, distinguished for its effort and enforcement in quality. This special attention and detail was reflected in a unique flavour. On the other hand, Macarena Olivenöl Gourmet was created in a bigger Almazara, with different characteristics, which didn't give the olive oil those unique characteristics, but couldn't extinguish the uniqueness that the Picuda carried. This gave Macarena Olivenöl Gourmet a smoother flavour without losing a unique quality. Almazaras work only during the olive oil season and are all composed of mechanical process. In them olives are separated from the leftovers -leaves and rocks- and drained to create olive oil, the Spanish green gold.

The process from olive to olive oil is one of the most important steps for the creation of a unique olive oil. Temperature, humidity and timing can change completely the quality of the olive oil. Both Macarena Olivenöl Gourmet and Reserva Familiar where created in the perfect conditions for creating a unique and high quality olive oil. With a low temperature, quick timing between the time they were picked and taken to the Almazara and a perfect humidity, Macarena Olivenöl brings two products unique for exclusive costumers that appreciate quality.



Olivenöl MACARENA Gourmet 50cl

Macarena Olivenöl Gourmet is a premium quality product characterized for an smooth taste and a little bitter point. Macarena Olivenöl Gourmet transmits the power and quality of the best Picuda selection. Is perfect for people not used to consume olive oil, it smooth flavour is perfect to combine with nearly every meal. Quality can be appreciated since the moment the bottle is open, it light green colour hides a unique flavour that will take you to a complete new experience. No excess of bitter nor other interruptions, is smooth in mouth and remains a little bitter touch at the end unique of high quality Picuda olive oil.


Olivenöl MACARENA Reserva familiar 50cl

Macarena Olivenöl Reserva Familiar is a unique and exclusive olive oil. The process is measured and controlled to it maximum detail from the beginning to the end. It flavours of green tomatoes and green artichoke transmits a complete new experience in mouth. All the Picudas flavours are released to it maximum exponential. It darker green colour hides a complete experience. Macarena Olivenöl Reserva Familiar is a unique and exclusive olive oil for olive oil and quality lovers. Added to any of your meals it will give a unique contrast that only a such detailed process could give. It green tomatoes and green artichoke flavours are not only rare but completely exculsive. Reserva Familiar olive oil was made with complete detail as to be only distributed between the family members. Is an olive oil for lovers of detail, exclusivity and unique high quality experiences.


Reserva Familiar is a common Spanish labling in wine and other consumibles. It means that is the product reserved to the family. From that point we can state that Reserva Familiar labling is given to the best quality products. It's something unique that transfers not only quality but heritage. In the case of Macarena Olivenöl Reserva Familiar comes from a heritage background, mentioning that this specific olive oil was made to give it to the family members to demonstrate their passion and work, which they are proud of. Olivenöl Macarena Reserva Familiar is the sharing all that heritage, quality and passion to our costumers. Is unique and exclusive and the represents of all the effort and dedication given by the owners to create a product everyone should be proud of.

Manufactured and bottled in Córdoba



Breakfast, salads, pasta; give aroma and take your meals a step beyond


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