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Love Conquers All....

"Somewhere in all the snow, she could see her broken heart, in two pieces. Each half was glowing, and beating under all that white. She realized her mother had come back for her only when she felt the boniness of a hand on her shoulder. She was being dragged away. A warm scream filled her throat" (18).

In The Book Theif Lesiel lost her brother. Yet she could see his beating heart in the snow. This shows that she though of her and her brother as one, not two separate people. Her love for people never died although she experienced death almost daily. She lost her trust, her life, her family, but she never lost the ability to love. Lesiel loves in many forms. She does not show physical love but she shows her love through words and books. Her choice to learn to read is a large example. Even though she struggled with herself her "dad" kept up with her and she loved him very much for that. She never let anyone drag her down. Even if they did, she always got back up and forgave.

In my opinion Love can always conquer everything. Love can save you from hate, by loving and by being loved you spare yourself from hating others. Yes it will hurt more when you get hurt but in the end, with love you will learn to forgive more and move on. You won't stick yourself in the past nor will you fear the future. Love can metaphorically lift you up. When you are depressed or angry, having people who love you to back you up is the best kind of love. Especially when you can pay back the kindness.

Your Faith Defines You....

I believe that your faith absolutely defines you. You live your life based on your faith. Your decision go by your faith. Without your faith you could believe anything. Your faith gives you something to love and idolize. Many people have many different faiths and that can be an issue because others don't believe in other people's beliefs because they highly support their own. The world today is getting more and more violent because of beliefs but you should always stand by your beliefs. No matter how stupid they may seem or how much danger they may put you in.

Life is how you make it

"It is what it is but it will be what you make it."

How you live life is what you make of it. If you live in the past you will never move on from your struggles but if you live life in the moment, moving ahead is easy. Life can be difficult but if you believe that life sucks then it will but if you believe that life is beautiful then it will be. Everyone's life is precious and important. Without your life there would be an empty void in the world. Everyone has a different life and everyone is made to do something different in their life. Without people nothing would get done. That one person who sits next to you may have been made to change the world to a better place.

People are mysterious.

"Be careful who you trust, the devil was once an angel."

You never truly know a person ever. Even your closest friends have secrets. You can never look at a person and understand them and their past. People are a mystery that will never be solved. People always have more to them then the eye can see. A person's true colors are always shown after a certain time, nobody is ever as perfect as they may seem. Just like in the book theif, Hitler is shown as an idol to children yet his true colors are shown to Jews. Kids grew up believing that Hitler was a role model and that Jews were the bad people when in reality the Jews did nothing wrong.

You can only love others if you love yourself

"I'm more me when I'm with you."

Unless you love yourself you can't understand how to love someone else. You will never be able to see how someone can love you if you can't see the beauty in yourself. Love will always help you. Such as being able to forgive and forget. To love and to be loved is a very famous saying that my parents tell me today. By loving others people end up knowing that you are a kind and loving person and they will respect you. Just like the saying treat others the way you want to be treated. Others treat you as you treat them.

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