Baylis Court School Newsletter Friday 26th February 2021

Dear Parents/Carers

Lateral Flow Testing Thursday 4th March and Friday 5th March 2021

Information has been sent inviting your child into school on Thursday 4th March or Friday 5th March next week to have the Lateral Flow Test. If you have not received any information, please contact the school office by Monday 1st March.

All students will return to school on Monday 8th March 2021.

Safety Measures

The safety measures which were in place before Christmas, will remain in place this term, for example, the one-way system, year group bubbles, cleaning stations in classrooms, separate toilets for different year groups and a cleaner dedicated to cleaning frequently contacted surfaces

Additional COVID safety Measures

Please read the following information carefully

1. School Day changes due to COVID Safety Measures:

The Government has encouraged schools to explore COVID safety measures such as shortening lunch time to enable a staggered end of day for students.

During terms 1 & 2, the Senior Leadership Team observed that students queued for lunch and finished eating well within half an hour. Therefore, as a COVID safety measure, lunchtime will be shortened to 30 minutes (Year 7 will have 35 minutes). This measure will allow half of the students to leave the site before the other year groups.

  • Year 7, 8, 9 will finish at 2:45pm
  • Year 10, 11 will finish at 3:00pm
  • Sixth Formers will finish at 3:00pm or 4:00pm if they have period 6 lessons

2. Wearing Face Masks

Staff and students must wear face masks in the school building. The Government has advised that students and staff wear masks in the classroom, if they cannot maintain a 2 metre social distance.

If students cannot wear a mask for a medical reason, parents must provide their child’s Head of Learning with a signed letter of explanation. The student sanctions for not following this rule will be explained to students on their first day back at school. This safety measure will be reviewed at the end of Term 4.

Best wishes and I hope you have a good weekend.

Ray Hinds



Chartwells Update

Outstanding work by Hanna in year 9

Well done!! We are so proud of you

*Artist of the Week*

Abstract photography Task

Rinoa Hindmarch in Year 8

Well done!

*Artist of The Week*

Well done to Firoza Ghaus in year 10

Digital photo edit exploring colour and emotion.

*Artist of The Week*

Year 7 student Rizma Mugal has created an exciting paper sculpture this week.

Today there is a special mention for this student. Rimza has worked incredibly hard during lockdown and has produced outstanding work for art.

Mental health and wellbeing

You can read guidance for parents and carers on supporting children and young people’s mental health and wellbeing during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Guidance for the public on the mental health and wellbeing aspects of coronavirus (COVID-19) is also available.

The following organisations offer information and support on mental health and wellbeing:

Your local library can also provide access to Reading Well: books on prescription, a collection of carefully curated titles for adults, children and young people to support common mental health conditions, or deal with difficult feelings and experiences. Find your local library to join up and borrow them.

Young people can get free, confidential support at any time from government-backed voluntary and community sector organisations by:

  • texting SHOUT to 85258
  • calling Childline on 0800 1111
  • calling the Mix on 0808 808 4994

Top tips for good mental health and wellbeing

Youth Mental Health Ambassador, Dr Alex George has shared his ‘top five tips’ for young people’s good mental health and wellbeing.

Resources for Parents of Children with SEND

We have worked with a range of other organisations to create extra resources for parents of children with SEND:

Curriculum materials are also available:

Learning Curve Group Flexible Learning

To be eligible for these courses you must meet the following criteria:

  • Aged 19+
  • Lived in the UK for 3 years or more
  • Not currently completing an apprenticeship

You can enrol onto any of the following courses by following this link:



Cultural Enrichment

Student examples

Year 7

Cultural Enrichment visit to Black Park by Amal Awan

Black Park

Hello everyone, I hope you are all well and safe. Today I am here to talk to you about Black Park and what fun it is. On Saturday morning we went. It was a nice balmy day and that was what made it even more delightful. Let me tell you from the beginning. I woke up bright and early feeling excited about what fun we were going to have today. I looked out my window and to my delight it was sunny and warm. I then brushed my teeth and had breakfast as well as getting dressed. After that we were all packed and ready to go. I wasn’t just excited about going to black park, I was also excited about my puppy as it was her first time going. Many dog owners like to take their dogs to Black Park, including us.

My puppy was a bit confused about where we were going. We had gone to many places before, but Black Park was one of the places we didn’t go. We got into the car already to go. We then drove off to Black Park. Once we reached it, it was beautiful. I had been here many times before with my previous dogs, but I could just never get enough of it. In the summer, every day we went to Black Park. We took a walk until we finally reached the lake. This was my favourite bit in Black Park. This was where we took our dogs off the lead and they swam. We threw a stick or their toy into the water and they fetched it. Of course, this was my puppy's first time ever coming here or swimming. So, we got into the water and taught her how to swim first. She learned in no time. She is very clever.

Her name is Bella, and she is a labradoodle. They are very friendly and their breed loves water or swimming so that is where she got her fondness for swimming. After that, me and my whole family had lunch – including Bella. We then went to the park area. That bit is very fun, because they design the equipment not just for little kids, but also for big kids and adults. After we played there for a while, we returned to the lake area and we also saw other owners and their dogs going for a swim. We stayed there for a while and then took a walk around to explore. Finally, we headed home, exhausted and tired but satisfied with how we spent our day.

The End!

Year 8

Cultural Enrichment baking task by Ferwah Amin

Year 9

Jasmine Clottey created a keyboard composition for her Cultural Enrichment task, students can listen to this on the year 9 cultural enrichment team

Year 10

Cultural Enrichment Task Book Review by Sonia Sayed

The Hate You Give

The Hate You Give is a book about a girl called Starr who lives in a community where there is a lot of violence because of racism. Starr has to deal with police brutality and activism after she saw her best friend, Khalil, getting murdered by the police right in front of her. Khalil's death becomes a national news story. The media portray Khalil as a drug dealer whilst they portray the police that murdered him as an innocent person and that it was an accident. Starr's identity as the witness is initially kept secret from everyone outside Starr's family. The failure of the criminal justice system to hold the officer accountable pushes Starr to take an increasingly public role, first giving a television interview and then speaking out during the protests, which are met by police in riot gear. The climax of the novel occurs during the riot following the grand jury decision. Starr, Chris, Seven, and DeVante – who Maverick, her dad, helped leave the King Lords – successfully defend Maverick's store from King. The neighborhood stands up to King and as a result of testimony by DeVante, King is arrested and expected to be imprisoned for a lengthy sentence. Starr promises to keep Khalil's memory alive and to continue her advocacy against injustice.

Favourite Quote:

“Sometimes you can do everything right and things will still go wrong. The key is to never stop doing right.”


Year 11

Cultural Enrichment song written by Mahak Arora

Sixth Form

Cultural Enrichment Sports Task by Naila Ali

10 Minute workout routine:

To ensure you keep mentally and physically healthy whilst being locked inside, this 15-minute workout will be life changing and put you into a better mood. Exercise is important, as it causes the body to make chemicals that can help a person feel good. Exercise can help people sleep better and lower the risk of some disease. It can help your brain health and memory, skin health, increase energy levels and even help with weight loss.

Do every activity for 50 seconds, with a 10 second break after. Continue this for 10-minutes. Do this exercise minimum 5 times a week? Play your favourite music and time to have fun! Below are some images in order to ensure you know how to do the workout

  • Windmill Squat Punch
  • Slow Crunch
  • Ballet Half Kick
  • Inch Worm
  • Legs only Ab bike
  • High plank to Down dog
  • Front lunge
  • Plank
  • Standing Ab bike
  • Leg Drop





All of year 9 are having group meetings with a careers advisor (from ADVIZA) to support them with their upcoming GCSE options. Parents/carers will receive an online video presentation and options pack in the post w/c 22nd February with information about the options process and courses on offer. If you do not receive this information by 1st March, please contact KWA@bayliscourt.slough.sch.uk.


This week we launched the ‘Step into the NHS’ competition for all year 8 pupils. Over the next couple of months they will be learning all about careers within the NHS. They will write a job description and create an advertisement (poster, website, video, leaflet, etc) for their chosen career. All entries are due Friday 2nd April. The expert panel of judges will score them on student appeal, creativity, understanding of the NHS, and structure/presentation. The winners will receive Amazon vouchers!

More information here: https://www.stepintothenhs.nhs.uk/

Good luck year 8!




Apprenticeship Programmes for Females in STEM – 2nd March @ 16:00

Studying a STEM related A-Level (or similar) and interested in apprenticeship programmes where you can continue your technical path?

Amazon Software Development Apprenticeship Programmes – 3rd March @ 16:00

An overview of apprenticeship programmes available in Amazon Software Development in 2021.


UK University & Apprenticeship Search Virtual Fair

Wednesday 17 March 2021 | 12:00 - 18:00 (GMT)

Our UK University & Apprenticeship Search Virtual Fair will feature over 100 universities, colleges and apprenticeship providers. These will include Russell Group, Red Brick, Modern & Specialist universities, alongside higher & degree apprenticeship providers.

This event will feature brand-new exhibitors, such as the University of Oxford, Arts University Bournemouth, Brunel University and the University of Manchester.

We'll also be hosting 10 webinars on topics such as Writing a Personal Statement, Choosing a Course, and how Degree Apprenticeships differ to Traditional Degrees.



Having an Apprenticeship at Pfizer means doing work that helps millions of people across the world benefit from life-changing treatment.

It means working for a company that believes in equity, excellence and protecting your work-life balance. And it means working with colleagues who take your ideas seriously and support your learning and development.

If you want an Apprenticeship that matters, you’ll find it at Pfizer


National Careers Week: Explore Series

Our Explore Series events are designed to introduce students to career paths across our subject areas (Law, Business, Criminology, Policing and Politics) through a combination of talks, practical tasks and other activities such as a Q&A panel with a professional.

Events take place virtually across the week, from 4-5.30pm:

  • Explore Law- Mon 1 March (Q&A with a solicitor advocate)
  • Explore Business- Tues 2 March (Q&A with a head of financial and strategic risk)
  • Explore Policing- Tues 2 March (Q&A with a police officer and police prosecutor)
  • Explore Politics- Wed 3 March (Q&A with a parliamentary assistant)
  • Explore Criminology- Thurs 4 March (Q&A with a criminologist)


Speakers for Schools are excited to present our weekly Broadcast schedule! This schedule will be updated regularly and talks will be targeted to different age groups and is accessible via the links below. The Inspiration Team will host these events a few times a term for students to attend at home.


Heathrow Engineering Apprenticeship Programme

As an Engineering Apprentice your role will be at the heart of delivering the best airport service in the world. The work you do will touch on all aspects of Heathrow life. Our Engineering team are involved in everything from water to energy, rail to roads, baggage systems to runways.

Alongside your training you'll gain experience across electrical, electronic, and mechanical systems. You’ll be doing real work, keeping our airport running smoothly and helping to shape the airport of the future.

Deadline Sunday 28th February


A few weeks ago, we asked parents for feedback on the remote learning their children had been receiving since January.

We felt very proud reading some of the kind comments and wanted to share a few with you all

"I really would like to say to the whole school "thank you " because you have all have shown such dedication even though you are sharing the same issues as us all."

"Baylis Court sets the standard of how to keep a child informed, motivated and most importantly educated through such a crazy time"

"Thank you also to Miss Mathews who does an amazing job keeping us all up to date and also takes the time to write an excellent letter regarding my daughter's good efforts while at Baylis court, this really meant a lot to us especially during the pandemic."

"Teachers are great and doing the best they can during these uncertain times; students equally ought to be applauded."

"Thank you everyone for your efforts in providing quality education at the time of pandemic."

"Thank you for working so hard to make it possible for children to have proper learning at home even during lockdown. Much appreciated."

"Students and their teachers are doing amazing job under difficult situation. Well done to all of them."

"I would like to thank the school and the teachers for working exceptionally hard during this dire time."

"Thank you to all the teaching, support and office staff. Your efforts and resilience have not gone unnoticed."


Created with images by LubosHouska - "books bookstore book" • Krystal Ng - "untitled image"