The Mascot is Rocky the bull

University of South Florida: Truth and Wisdom

I selected this school because it has my major that I am interested in and it has warmer weather. I would also want to play softball at this school. Three reasons why people would want to consider this school is that the campus is really nice and close to the beach. USF offeres a number of graduate programs. It's also a medium sized school.

Total enrollment of students are 49,591

Male to female ratio: Male 45% Female 55%

USF is known as a research institution. They are #83 in top public schools. They are #116 in engineering programs. USF has 17 men's and women's sports teams. Including football, basketball, baseball, softball, and soccer competing at a Division 1 level. A tradition is USF week. It includes a number of events celebrating USF pride such as the Ultimate Bull Talent Show, Rocky's Birthday Bash, the University Lecture Series, Bullstock and many more. The fraternity and sorority community at USF is a vibrant place within our campus. USF is an urban area and a Big city. USF is by a beach. The most popular majors at USF are psychology, nursing, criminology and public health, and biomedical sciences. I am intetrested in majoring in nursing. I selected nursing because my mom is a nurse and I Iike to help people.

Enrollment requirements

The deadline if application is March 1. The Percentage of applicants admitted is 45%. The gpa requirement is 3.5. To get into USF you have to get an ACT score of 27 and an SAT score of 1300.

Housing plans

This is where most freshmen live. This dorm is located in The Village in Summit Hall. A student named Marie that goes there said the dorms are pretty good sized and are nice. She said that each of the people that live in the dorm has a space for them to put there clothes and stuff in.

Cost for attending

There is an application fee that costs $30. Tuition just alone costs $17,324. Room and board costs $9,700. One of the possible food plans you can get costs $1,780. The grand total for the entire year is $34, 408.

Meal Plan

The most popular meal plan at University of South Florida is the unlimited food plan. Provides Unlimited access 7 days per week during hours of operation at Fresh Food Company, Champion’s Choice, and Juniper Dining. Includes $200 Dining Dollars for additional dining flexibility to other on-campus dining restaurants.

Campus Involvement

There are many things to do at USF. You can get involved in some intermural basketball, softball dodgeball and badminton. There is also an aquatics center you can go to, a fitness center and outdoor activities like biking, hiking and even snorkeling!

Fun Facts

Notable alumni

Hulk Hogan and Tony La Russa

The University of South Florida System is home to a student body of nearly 50,000 students representing over 130 different countries. According to Best Colleges, USF ranks 36th on the Greenest Universities in America rankings (2015). Alumni include wrestler Hulk Hogan, U.S. Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart, supermodel Lauren Hutton, and former Major League Baseball manager Tony LaRussa.

I was amazed at the requirements you need to get into the school. I was also amazed at how much everything costs like the meal plan. What stood out to me was that nursing is one of the most popular majors. I would consider this school because it has nursing, one of the majors I'm interested in. I would recommend people who would want to major in either nursing or psychology because they are the most popular.

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