Anni's Learning Journal MArch 16th-27th

My daily reading

More to come - one book a day!

My daily sentence writing

Sentence writing is my favorite of all and I would like to do so many of them each day!

March 15
March 16
March 17
March 18
March 20. We have done all the sentences once and no go back to those that were challenging in the last round. Today, Anni got 'she' and 'black' right!
March 23
March 25
March 27

My daily number formation practice

Monday, March 16

We combined practice with scissors (cutting out the shape cards) and then drawing and coloring the shapes.

We still need to practice the names of the shapes in the coming days!

My story about space is about a little boy who desperately wanted to go to space but his parents did not let him go.

In his dreams he was flying from one planet to another!

Tuesday, March 17

Signs of the spring

We discussed what is typical for spring time and Anni named five: flowers, Easter Eggs, sun, people outside and bees. We then together found the pictures she thought best described these.


Easter Eggs


People outside


Cutting practice and ordering numbers 0-12

Cutting practice (with the number cards) and ordering them in right order.

Still a bit of practice needed with 11, 12 & 13.

Retelling my favorite story

In the video below, Anni tells (acts!) her favorite story: Three little pigs and a big bad wolf.

Wednesday, March 18

Design a healthy menu

We first looked inside our fridge to find what ingredients we might find. There were ton of vegetables, but we then decided this menu should have some starter, some main course and some desert. And this is where we landed: Anni's healthy menu.

Later in the day we also painted the same with water colors.

Add one - take away one

We practiced adding one and taking away one from all numbers between 0-10. This seems to be super easy for Anni as long as she has her fingers to help her!

Continued number recognition and cutting practice

We continued our cutting practice (with the number cards) and cut 15-20 that was not completed yesterday.

Ordering numbers from 0-20 goes easily!

With recognizing numbers 0-20 we are almost there: two missing! 13 ('threeteen') and 20.

Thursday, March 19

Study coins and what numbers you find in them

We collected coins and looked at them with the aim to find numbers in them. First note: many coins do not have any numbers! Second note: we found 4 coins with numbers.

We found 4 coins with numbers on them; three from the UK and one from Europe. We found numbers, 1, 2, 5 & 50.
Anni decided to draw the coins.
And then she wanted to write the numbers.

Challenge cards

First day with challenge cards! First some cutting practice and then solving challenges. It took us two cards to get to the flow, but then it was easy! We might have used some props to help with the calculation about the gobstoppers :)

Tricky words: cutting, revising and hide-and-seek

Anni cut two columns from the tricky words sheet. We revised all the tricky words that have been covered in the school so far and added five more words: here, they, there, are and said.

We also played hide-and-seek with the tricky words!

Building den for a hedgehog using recycled materials

We looked from the internet how hedgehog dens look like and then started to think what materials from home we could use to build one. We found a perfect old flower basket and then added a bed (piece of fabric), pillow (leaves from outside), paintings (self-made) and toys (old kinder egg surprises)

Friday, March 20

Phonic sounds

Daily cutting practice with the digraph flash cards (she has made such a progress with handling scissors this week!). Anni insisted underlying 'the special friends'.

We then watched the Youtube video of these.

We used the cards to go through the digraphs and Anni i confident with all of them!

Number recognition & counting back from 10

We have used the number cards everyday to practice number recognition and ordering 1-20.

Today, Anni named correctly also the tricky numbers '13' & '20'!

We also tried counting back from 10 and it was easy for Anni.

Spot tricky words in own books

We continued going through the familiar tricky words and as encouraged by Miss. McNeill we added one more to the pack: 'said'.

Then we ventured to books and did our best to spot tricky words form the text - we mostly found 'the', 'was', 'be', 'he' and 'all'.


We talked about what one can measure and what one can use to measure... we found out that a ruler is good for small things, but not too practical for bigger things. We also discussed that one can measure length and weight and for the latter you need to use a scale.


We took a walk around the duck pond and found many places for Anni to climb.

Monday, March 23

New challenge cards and counting back from 20

Cutting practice

We started today by cutting a new set of challenge cards - Anni's scissor skills are very good now!

Challenge cards and counting back from 20

The challenge cards that included counting between 10-20 proved to be a bit challenging and we used the previously cut number cards to form a number line.

We used the cards also with the practice to count back from 20. With this we need more practice and will come back to this every day this week!

Draw things you do in the morning, in the afternoon and at night

Morning: changing my clothes (this was hard for Anni to draw!). Afternoon: going outside and seeing lovely flowers, sun, tree and bushes. Evening: playing with my dad.

Tuesday, March 24

Counting back from 20

We continued learning counting back from 20 with the help of the number cards we cut last week.

Anni can do 20-16 and 10-0. So continuing the practice tomorrow to fill the gap between 16-10.

Tricky words snap

We played the tricky words snap with all the tricky words learnt in school + 'said'. It was so exciting we forgot to take a picture!

Colors of the coins

We found coins with the following colors: gold, silver and brown.

Obstacle course

Anni's dad and her big sister helped Anni to build the obstacle course inside the house! See from the video below if Anni managed to get through it :)

Wednesday, March 25

Counting back from 20

We continued learning counting back from 20. Anni can now do 20-14 & 10-0. So missing only 13-11 :)

Cutting new tricky words

Anni cut the remaining column of the tricky words sheet and we went through the new words and she mastered all those on the picture!

Today's project: baking

We decided to bake healthy and easy banana pancakes for snack.

Getting all ingredients and equipment ready!
Peeling bananas
Almost ready!

Thursday, March 26

Practice with counting back from 20 continued... we are so close, but need few more days to do this with confidence!

Spot tricky words in the books

3D Shape Hunt

Anni first cut the 3D cards and off we went for the hunt!


Little toy from an Easter Egg
Pearls in Anni's crown


Paint brush jar


Unicorn headback
Unicorn horn


Almost all the boxes!
My Little Pony treasure box
Daddy's smoking box

Friday, March 27


We started the morning with all the new 5 songs from Miss. Sampson!

Tricky words and counting back from 20

We went through all the tricky words from the tricky words sheet and Anni knows them all! And we are so close with counting from 20 > 0. Hopefully after Easter holiday we can show how easy that is :)

Life-cycle of a chicken

We looked form the internet pictures about the life-cycle of a chicken and could not decide which one was first: the egg or the chicken. Anni said she prefers the chick anyway!

Building a den

In the afternoon we built a den and I read a book in it!

Happy Easter!

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