Grants 2018-2019 Annual Report


1. Azzam, A (PI, Director of Open Learning Initiatives). For Promoting Open Educational Practice Through Scalable Technology. William and Flora Hewlett Foundation. April 2018-July 2019.

2. Frank, J (PI). Fellowship Coaching Program. Nina Ireland Program in Lung Health. July 2018-June 2021.

3. Gruenberg, K (PI). A Characterization of APPE Readiness by Faculty, Preceptors, and Students. Mary Anne Koda-Kimble Seed Award for Innovation. May 2019-June 2020.

4. Julian, K (co-PI). President's Grant Award: Influence of Gender Bias on Learner Assessment (InGLAss) in Graduate Medical Education. Josiah Macy Foundation. December 2018-December 2019.

5. Julian, K (PI). Song-Brown Healthcare Workforce Training Program. Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development. September 2017-September 2020.

6. Lucey C. (Site PI). Transforming Medical Education. Kern Family Foundation through the Medical College of Wisconsin. January 2017-January 2023.

7. O'Brien B. (co-PI). The myth of value-free education: exploring educators' positioning when discussing politically-charged, health relevant topics with learners. GEA. July 2018-June 2020.

8. O'Sullivan PS. (Consultant). To Reach The People: Transforming Health Professions Education in Tanzania (THET). NIH Fogarty International. September 2018- August 2023.

9. Reid, M (Project Director). Strengthening Interprofessional Education for HIV [STRIPE HIV]. HRSA. April 2019-September 2020.

10. van Schaik, S (Key Faculty). Transforming Medical Education. Kern Family Foundation through the Medical College of Wisconsin. January 2017-January 2023.

11. Van Der Schaaf, M. (Supervisors/Co-applicant). Eu Framework Programme for Research and Innovation Horizon. European Training Network in Chemical Engineering Immersive Learning (ETN CHARMING). April 2019-April 2023.

12. Van Der Schaaf, M (Co-applicant). Students' Self Regulation to Improve Study Progress With Learning Analytics. EU Erasmus and project Onwards from Learning Analytics (OfLA). March 2018-March 2021.

13. Van Der Schaaf, M (Co-applicant). Comenius Senior Fellow. Interprofessional Feedback in Health Professions Education. May 2019-February 2022.

14. Van Der Schaaf, M (Main applicant and leader). THERMOS project about Students' Self Regulation to Improve Study Progress with Learning Analytics. September 2018-September 2021.


The Haile T. Debas Academy of Medical Educators, in collaboration with the UCSF Program for Interprofessional Practice and Education and the UCSF Library, is pleased to announce 20 new Education Innovations Funding awards for the 2019-2020 academic year. Totaling over $350,000, these intramural grants are expected to make significant contributions to educational excellence at UCSF.

• Anderson, D (PI). Developing Online Resources to Flip the Classroom in Post-Graduate Cardiology Education.

• Anstey, J (PI). Developing Digital Researchers: Introducing Trainees to the role of the Electronic Health Record, Data Science, and Informatics in Scientific Inquiry.

• Barry, J (PI). The use of virtual reality training modules to improve complex surgical technique recall and task execution in surgical trainees.

• Brondfield, S (PI). Cognitive Load in Internal Medicine Subspecialty Consult Fellows: An Explanatory Sequential Mixed Methods Study.

• Daya, S (PI). Development of an EPA-Based Simulation Curriculum and Assessment Tool for Medical Students.

• Eastburn, A (PI). Peer-to-peer Clinical Skills Tutoring Program.

• Flatt, J and Flentje, A (PIs). Developing UCSF’s Graduate Certificate in LGBTQI Clinical Practice and Research.

• Griffiths, E (PI). Assessing Patient Advocacy Among Internal Medicine Clerkship Students.

• Gruenberg, K (PI). Using Chatbots to Promote Retrieval Practice via Social Media by Medical and Pharmacy Students.

• Gupta, K (PI). Developing a Peer Support Skills Curriculum and Peer Support Network for Internal Medicine Residents as a Model for GME.

• Hsia, S (PI). Pilot of a Mental Health First Aid Training for Health Professional Students, Faculty, and Staff.

• Kryzhanovskaya, I (PI). Developing a longitudinal, spiral, and skills-based well-being curriculum in ARCH Weeks.

• Kwan, E (PI). In Situ Simulation for Inter-Professional Education in the ED.

• Lin, M (PI). Developing an Innovative Point-of-care Ultrasound Curriculum for the Evaluation of Children with Suspected Intussusception.

• O'Brien, M (PI). Developing a Harm Reduction Interprofessional Education Curriculum on the ZSFG Addiction Care Team.

• Plotzker, R (PI). The Virtual Approach to Gynecology Project.

• Syed, S (PI). Surgical Integration in Gross Anatomy F1 Curriculum –a Pilot Program.

• Wick, E and Bongiovanni, T (PIs). See One Do One All While Learning One: UCSF Surgery QI Curriculum.

• Xu, M (PI). Using 3D printed anatomic models for trainee-directed brachytherapy simulation training.

• Young, V (PI). Promoting wellness, resilience, leadership, and communication in otolaryngology trainees.

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