Montgomery Bus Boycott BY Mi Doan

Background Information:

Rosa Parks and three other African Americans were asked to give up their seats to some white passengers. Three riders complied but Rosa Parks refused to move so she was arrested and fined $10. Her arrest triggered and changed the United States.

Black leaders met to form the MIA and the group was elected by Martin Luther King Jr. They decided to boycott the bus until the city met its demands and this protest was known as the Montgomery Bus Boycott. It took place in Alabama on December 5th, 1955.

People are marching in order to stop racial segregation.

The GOAL of this event was to end racial segregation on the city bus system by creating hard economic hardship for the company

People decided to walk or take a taxi instead of taking the bus.

Who was involved? What important people were involved in your event and how did they impact the event?

Most of the protesters were African Americans. Rosa Parks was the first person that involved in this event. Her arrest led to the protest and she helped people to understand that everyone should be treated equally . Another important person was Martin Luther King Jr. He was an American Baptist minister and also the leader of Montgomery Bus Boycott. His dream changed the world and made a huge impact during boycott for racial equality. He helped with the leading and gaining the rights for African Americans.

Martin Luther King Jr is giving his speech.

"One has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws" Martin Luther King Jr.

He talked about his dreams and that changed the world.

Obstacles They Had To Overcome

  • What kind of obstacles were these groups facing? MLK and other people decided to walk or take a taxi instead of taking the bus which was an obstacle for them because the price for taking taxi was much higher. Any taxi driver would be arrested if they charged less than the minimum 45 cent fee. Also, the carpool was shut down which made it very difficult for their transportation.
  • How did they overcome these obstacles? The protesters overcame these obstacles by making an extremely precise carpool system produced by MLK which allowed the protestors to go past the obstacle

People continue to march and march.

Outcome/ Lasting Impact Of Montgomery Bus Boycott

The Montgomery Bus Boycott made a huge impact today. It ended racial segregation, white and black are equal, African Americans are no longer have to give up their seats to anyone (first come first serve).

Modern Inequality

  • What modern day inequality or event can you connect your Civil Rights Event to? People boycotting uber over CEO’s Lukewarm Response to Trump’s Muslim Ban. The protest was launched when Uber did not participate in a strike organized by taxi drivers against President Trump’s ban on traveling from certain Middle Eastern countries. Few hours later, Uber turned off the surging price while other taxi companies protested and refused to pick up people from JFK airport. This is connected to the Montgomery Bus Boycott activity because both stood up together to boycott against things that shouldn't be happening in our country.

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