My Experience at the Constans Theatre Created by: Annie Lohr

Spacial Experience

When initially entering the Reitz Union, I was pretty in awe considering i had no idea that the Constans existed until having to go there to watch the play. I felt pretty pleased upon first glance of the theatre, almost a wave of contentment came over my body, in the sense that I was proud to be a Gator due to our extremely nice facilities. I was one of the first people in line to go into the theater, this meant that I was seated in the third row, it felt as if I was sitting on stage. I also was seated in the middle of my row, my seating arrangement helped me to engage in the play better because I felt so close to the actors throughout the entire play. I've always had a fascination for theater and enjoyed going to plays my whole life, so when the lights dimmed and the crowd quitted down, I was excited to watch the play. I really like how small the theater was. It wasn't too small, but almost just the right size which made for an intimate effect. The role that place plays in the Good Life is important. Where you are and your location is the main contributor to your surroundings and environment. Both your surroundings and environment are a crucial aspect of the Good Life because it is important to be fond and accepting towards where you are in the world.

The Social Experience

I attended the play with my long time friend Rachel, with whom I went to sleep away camp with for many summers, and her friend, Abby, who I met right before entering the theater. To get ready for the performance I put on a little bit of makeup, just so I didn't look so pale and dead (joking kind of) and I made sure I looked presentable. All of the plays I attended in the past my mom always made me partially dress up, so with her in mind, I made it a priority to look semi nice. Attending the play with friends enhanced my experience because I was able to interact with them during and after the show and share our ideas about the performance. I've never attended a play with a friend before so I enjoyed experiencing this for the time. Shared experiences are pertinent to the Good Life in the sense that we all learn and absorb more when surrounded by others. The value of shared experience is a cool idea because although individually we all have different ideas and perspectives, when we come together over a single occurrence, we are able to connect and learn. Shared experience is really special and helps us to form stronger, more dynamic relationships with others.

The Cultural & Intellectual Experience

The time and place of this story was set in the very early 1900's which made it a little difficult to relate to the time and setting of the story. The way the actors were dressed and how they conversed with one another is definitely not how people dress and talk nowadays, however, I think it made the play more interesting. The play is based on a famous actress, Sarah Bernhardt, who is forbidden from performing in the city that she is visiting. Two aspiring priests must deliver her a letter from the church to let her know of the circumstances. The church won't allow her to perform her play due to the adulterous ideologies that the play promotes. So, the righteous Catholic church are on one side, and Sarah Bernhardt and all of her loyal fans are on the other, debating on whether or not she is to perform. In addition, the Priest gives the main character a deal and says that if he lies about why him and the Priest fought, him and his brother would receive free intuition. Much of the plot is based around whether or not if he decides to lie, which is ironic because the Priest is encouraging this behavior. Before the play, I knew how much the church doesn't condone adulterous acts and that it is considered sin, however, I really didn't know that much before coming to watch the play. The subject matter doesn't really relate to my life nor changes my view on things considering I really didn't think much about the topic before coming to the play.

The Emotional Experience

The Divine: A play for Sarah Bernhardt reflects on a famous performer who has been restricted from performing the city she is visiting, Quebec. The priest forbids her from performing due to the negative ideas and connotations that her play promotes such as adultery. This aspect of the play, Sarah Bernhardt is coming clean but she is brought to think about some of the negative ideas in her play. In addition, us as viewers can sense the katharsis (coming clean) when the main character is faced with the task of covering up his lie in order for him and his brother to receive full credit.

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