Guide for Parents to Keep Their Children Safe by: jill savage

2011 started with a little over 1.2 billion year but that number has risen to about 2.5 billion in 2017

Each year the number of social media usage has risen a lot since the year of 2011, especially by kids and teenagers. This change in the number of user could be children getting cell phones at younger ages or could be new social media apps that keep coming. But which apps should your kids have and how can you keep them safe on the internet?

What apps are the most unsafe?

  • because it allows random people to anomalously ask your children questions about anything and there's no restrictions.
  • Kik which is a messaging app is dangerous because you cant have a private kik account and random people can often message your children.
  • Snap chat because if your children send pictures of them self to someone or their location they can easily be screenshoted.
  • Whisper is one of the most unsafe apps for your children to have because it is them posting their secrets to anonomous users who could then share them.

For more unsafe apps for children visit the sites:

What to Look for in your Child's account

Do they have a private account?

One of the big things to look for in your children's account is whether they have there accounts set to public or private. A lot of teens don't always have their account private, but it gives anyone access to their account.

This is an example of how many private accounts there are on twitter compared to public accounts

Biographies on Accounts

Bios are supposed to be something that tell other people about yourself, but not give away personal information like many accounts do such as...

School name

Putting this in your bio increases you chance of someone figuring out what city you live in based on your school.

Phone number

Putting your phone number on your bio for anyone to see gives them the access to contact you.

Username to other accounts

linking or including your other accounts on one social media account you have always anyone to be able to search you on other social media platforms.


Putting your email on your bio for everyone to see gives people the access to it. Emails are usually something asked each time you make anew account, and if someone was able to hack your email to one account they could hack all of the others.

City where they live

Including your city also gives people closer access to where you live.

As you can see in the graph above there has been an increase in teens including this personal information on there account.

What do they post?

Teens post a lot of pictures with unsafe information on them when they don't know it such as...

  • Photos of themselves
  • Tagging there location in photos'
  • Posting videos showing background locations that could give away where your are
This data shows the stats of profiles that include this private information

Think about your child's future

Many occupations take social media accounts into consideration while making hiring decisions. In your child's account you should look for these things especially teenagers.

  • Who are there followers or friends on social media?
  • Who are they being tagged by and what are they tagged in?
  • Are they posting business professional photos?

If companies were to look at someones account who were tagged in things by other people that aren't business professional or something that would look good with there company they wouldn't hire them compared to a worker who's accounts were appropriate.

Commonly Asked Questions

Q: What age should children be able to get a phone?

A: The most common age for a kid to get a phone is 11 as 70% of 11 years old's say this is when they got there first phone.

Q: What age should kids be allowed to get social media?

A: Usually 13 as most social media cites have 13 as the minimum age to make an account.


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