How Did The United States Begin? In five parts

The French and Indian war took place in 1754. This was very important because it was the first real war.

this is a very detailed picture of the French and Indian War.

The Declaration of Independence took place in 1776. The Declaration was super important because tons of important Americans got together and singed the Declaration. The Declaration was also made on 4th of July

This is a picture of the Declaration

The Treaty of Paris was very important because the British decided to leave the Americans alone and stop coming on their land. The Treaty of Paris took place in 1783.

The presidency with George Washington took place in 1789. It was one of the most important things in the war because George Washington was the first president and he finally gave us some rules so that was could finally become the United States.

This is George Washington after he got elected as president.

The war of 1812 was extremely important because the Americans design a huge American flag and if after the battle the flag "was still there" than that means we won. This guy named Francis Scott Key went on the British ship so he could negotiate with the British so they could trade prisoners. But then he got stuck on a British ship and he wrote in his journal a little poem that the Americans turned into the national Anthem. And now we still sing the National Anthem today.

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