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Did you know that in 1903, a man killed himself after claiming to be John Wilkes Booth? Union soldiers killed John Wilkes Booth 12 days after he killed Lincoln. Days after the murder, there were sightings of Booth all over the country. Some people believe that John Wilkes Booth survived until 1903, but many other people believe that he died.

John Wilkes Booth stood behind Abraham Lincoln, with a loaded gun pointing at Lincoln's head.


As John Wilkes Booth jumped off the balcony and ran out of the theater, Abraham Lincoln laid there, dead. John Wilkes Booth was gone before anyone had even gone after him. It was a panic. Everyone in the room was at risk. The president was just killed, and no one knew where the murderer was. People later found out that the murderer of the greatest man to ever live, was John Wilkes Booth, a Young actor.

After the death of Lincoln, America wanted this “Murderer” dead. They wanted him dead because he was a threat to the rest of America. Because he killed one of the greatest men to live, and one of the best presidents ever. There was a 100,000 dollar reward for whoever found and killed John Wilkes Booth. Since they put out such a big reward, a lot of people wanted to get the money.

When everyone found out he had killed president abraham lincoln, Union Soldiers began their manhunt for John Wilkes Booth. After 12 days of hunting him, the union soldiers finally found him hiding out in a barn. The Union soldiers shot him and lit the barn on fire. They took him outside the barn, and he lived for 3 more hours. 3 hours later, right before he died, he said his final words. “Useless, Useless.”

He then died. Til this day, many people believe that he didn't die by that barn. They believe he didn't die until 1903. There was a man who claimed to be John Wilkes Booth at a hotel, and then he killed himself by drinking a poisoned glass of wine. He was locked in the room all by himself when he killed himself. Some people believe that he did kill himself in that hotel room, but many believe he was killed next to that barn that was on fire.

There he was, John Wilkes Booth stood behind the president of the United States of America, with a gun pointed towards Abraham Lincoln's head. No one noticed the man with a gun at first, but when he pulled the trigger, everyone in the room turned their head in shock. The president of the United States, laid there, dead. No one noticed John Wilkes Booth when he jumped off the balcony. Booth then ran out of the room and no one even chased him. The president was dead and everyone else in the room might be if they're not careful. That day a manhunt began. A reward of 100 thousand dollars was offered to whoever killed him. Union soldiers began looking for him immediately. After 4 days of hard work and a lot of hunting, they had not found John Wilkes Booth yet. The government did not plan on it taking this long to find him. On day 7 the soldiers began to get tired of hunting for something that they might never find. The government was tired of it to, they might never find him, yet they were still looking for him. On day 10, everyone was ready to quit, but no one did. They kept hunting for something that they might never find. On day 12, the soldiers claimed that they had killed John Wilkes Booth. They said there was a barn fire. But they said he didn't die in the barn. They said that John Wilkes Booth was killed outside of the barn. This just doesn't make sense because if there was a fire and they wanted him dead, why would they drag him out?

The answer is, they wouldn’t. If they wanted him dead, they would have let him burn. But they didn't, so maybe he didn't die. Maybe they couldn’t find him and said they killed him. In 1903, a man at a hotel killed himself, but he said something disturbing before he killed himself. He said he killed the greatest man to live. He said he was John Wilkes Booth before locking himself in a hotel room and drinking a poisoned glass of wine. A lot of people ask,”Why would he admit it.” He wanted the world to know. Why would he kill himself? Because he couldn’t live with the fact that he killed Abraham Lincoln. A lot of people say,” a lot of people kill themselves.” But he killed himself and told people. If someone kills thereself, they probably don't want people to think of them as a murderer. So why would some random person kill himself and say they were John Wilkes Booth. The answer is, they wouldn’t. No one wants to die and look like a murderer, so why would this “Random Person” say that. Not one would do that. The person that killed himself has to be John Wilkes Booth. There’s just too much evidence to say he died 12 days after he killed Lincoln.

I believe that John Wilkes Booth was not killed when they caught him. I think they never caught anyone, but if they did, I believe that it was a “fake” John Wilkes Booth. I think that the soldiers killed the wrong person. The person that they shot was a person that was paid a good amount of money to pretend that he was John Wilkes Booth. They killed the wrong person. People in the real John Wilkes Booth’s family said that it was a “family secret.” They said that he got away and they killed the wrong person. If they did kill the wrong person, it was a person that was paid to be a fake John Wilkes Booth. In 1903, a man at a hotel said he was John Wilkes Booth, but why would he say that? Because he wanted the world to know that he killed Abraham Lincoln. He killed himself right after he admitted to killing Abraham Lincoln. He killed himself by drinking a poisoned glass of wine. He was locked in the hotel room, all by himself. He wouldn't kill himself right after admitting to being John Wilkes Booth. He would have never said that if he wasn't John Wilkes Booth. After he killed himself someone in his family said that it was true, and that it had been a family secret for years. They didn’t tell anyone because if they did, he would have been caught and put in jail, or possibly killed. Scientists have been doing research and say that the chance of John Wilkes Booth surviving until 1903 is rather high. They said that if that is true, it would have been one of the greatest escapes in the United States history. I believe that he survived, and that he did pull off one of the greatest escapes in the United States history.

"Soon after St. Helen shared his story, he skipped town. More than a quarter-century later, Bates read a story in a Memphis newspaper that awoke old memories. In January 1903, a drifter named David E. George had locked himself in an Enid, Oklahoma, hotel room and committed suicide by ingesting a lethal quantity of arsenic. According to the news report, the wife of a local Methodist minister said that George had botched an earlier suicide attempt nine months earlier and, believing he was dying, confessed: “I am not David Elihu George. I am the one who killed the best man that ever lived. I am J. Wilkes Booth.” Side-by-side illustrations of Booth and George that ran in newspapers revealed a striking resemblance between the two mustachioed men. Newspapermen jumped on reports that Junius Brutus Booth III, nephew of the assassin, said that George resembled his uncle—without mentioning that Junius was born in 1868, three years after Lincoln’s murder, and had never set eyes on his uncle."

History Books say that John Wilkes Booth was killed 12 days after he killed Lincoln, but many people believe he didn't die until 1903. It is important for the reader to know because if it is true, the president of the united states was murdered, and the murderer had not consequences. It impacts society because the soldiers killed an innocent man. Because one of the best presidents was killed, and the murderer might have got away. The question is, if he lived, did the government know about it?

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