Percy Jackson and the Olympians- The Titans Curse By: Rick Riordan Yolines Urena

Percy Jackson and the Olympian- The Titans Curse

The book "Percy Jackson and the Olympians- The Titans Curse" by Rick Riordan is an amazing book to read. It goes over the hardships of being a child your father doesn't want. going against your orders to save your friend that you totally don't have a crush on. Helping Artimes Hunters to save her. Hoping your friend doesn't go to said Artimes Hunters. Feeling relieve that only your cousin got in. Relieved that your ship will go on forever. But that it won't happen until somebody says something or after the 2nd Titan's War. Feeling cheated off because when it was said that a follower of Artimes was to have the next quest, we all hoped that Percy will go on it. Even worse when a new hunter dies. Even worse when you lose a new character. Crying when you realize that Luke will never come back. That Annabeth will never truly love Percy until she gets closure from Luke.

This is the author's website: His instagram is: @rickriordan

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