Constans Theatre kahra williams

The Spatial Experience: When entering the theater, I really liked how the lights were dim from the start. That only added the anticipation for the show to start. Having started with dim lights, made the immediate transition into the play very smooth. I had seats right in the middle, so the view was great and I could get a great feel for the entire play. The lights and my seating really contributed to really focusing and zooming in on the thoughts of the play as it went on.

The Social Experience: I did not show up to the play with a friend when I initially arrived, but as soon as the play ended, I saw that some of my friends were coming out of the theater and into the lobby as well. We talked about our thoughts on the play, and I also made friends with the two people sitting next to me during the play. To get ready for the play, I made sure to show up reasonably early, and wore something nicer than what I would typically wear to class. Making friends at the play enhanced the experience because this was both our first times experiencing a performance like this by ourselves on campus.

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience: The customs, time, and values that take place in the play are drastically different from our customs now. We have developed so much since the time taken place, in our country. It was great to see a flashback of how our country used to run. The atmosphere and interpretation of Old America was great because it was somewhat nostalgic. It shows just how far we have come along and advanced to get us this far now.

The Emotional Experience: The Divine provides us a sense of "katharsis" because it reminds us of past experiences and feelings of feeling uncomfortable, uneasy, and not relaxed in our own skin. Seeing actors play it out on stage for us to witness and see second-hand, is much more eye-opening, rather than encountering our own problems one on one. It is all about perspective, and that is one thing that is stressed.

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