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Rio de Janeiro


  • Rio de Janeiro is located in South America. Rio is comprised of a tropical semi decidous forest.
  • 60% of the Amazon forest is in Brazil.
  • Rio de Janeiro's average temperature is between 23 degrees celsius to 27 degrees celcius.
  • The average precipitation is 97 mm.
  • In Alto da Boa Vista, which is a neighbourhood, has the lowest recorded temperature in Rio de Janeiro.
Map of rain forests in Brazil
  • Continent: South America
  • Counrty: Brazil
  • Surounding Countries: Uruguay, Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname
  • Distance from Melbourne: 13200 km
  • Direction travel east north east
  • Latitude 22 South
  • Longtitude 43 West
  • Population of 6.32 million.
Topographic Map of South America

Rio is just around the heigh tof sea level, however there are some places which are above sea level be quite a margin. The Alto da Boa Vista is 500 meters above sea level. Rio de Janeiro has 40 kms of coastline and 28 beaches.

The two maps show that where the semideciduous forest is the average height above sea level is about the same. Though there are points spike up. The cerrado or savana is on land that is relatively lower. This area is made up of open plains and few trees.

Interesting Animals of Rio


The Amazon is home to many unique and quirky animals, the sloth is a perfect example. The are incredibly slow and aren't quite smart either. Sleeping for around 18 hours a day and only coming down to the ground to relieve themselves once a week you'd think a sloth in water is a sloth in deep trouble. However??

Sloths travel 3 times faster in water than on land.


The elusive and secretive Jaguar is wide spread in the amazon forest but alsoo very scarce and you'll be lucky to see one. They are solitary animals that normally hunt the ground, though they are known to drop from the trees and land on their prey. Jaguars have very strong jaws and are capable of biting through the thick skin of a caiman. They stalk their prey then when they are close enough they spring up and strike.

Range map of Jaguars

A Jaguar can swim quite cabably as it stalks its prey. This Jaguar swims around the caiman coming from behind it and striking suddenly.

When the jagaur is close enough it springs suddenly at its prey surprising it.

The Jaguar bites the caiman and severes the nerves in its neck immediately paralysing it. The caiman stops struggling.

The jagaur takes the limp caiman away to devour it in the cover of the trees so other predators won't see the food.

Exercise a high degree of caution. There are yellow fever outbreaks in Brazil.

Cape town
  • Continent: Africa
  • Country: South Africa
  • Surrounding Countries: Lesotho, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Botswana, Namibia.
  • Distance between Rio de Janeiro and Cape Town: 6869kms
  • Direction traveling: east south east
  • Latitude 29 south
  • Lontitude 26 east
  • Population of 3.7 million

Cape town, along with Bloemfontein and Pretoria are the three capitals of South Africa. Nigeria, Israel, Bolivia and South Africa are the only countries that have three capital cities.

Light red: Countries that had mltiple capital cities

Red: Countries that currently have multiple capital cites.

The Apartheid

From 1948 apartheid was enforced excluding and judging people based on their skin colour not their virtues and what they strive for. Black people were not allowed the same education, jobs and positions. Even going as far as not letting black people on the same beaches as white people, they couldn't share the same bathroom, theatres and sometimes even parks. This was called "petty apartheid", grand apartheid was what separated black people from white people, they weren't allowed to live in the same neighbourhoods. Grand apartheid literary separated black people from whit people. In the mid 1950's this got even more extreme, the law prevented black people and white people from going to the same restaurants, cinemas, concerts and generally anywhere that was "out of bounds" for black people. Heavy fines were threatened if this law was broken. Many This ended in 1991.

Current affairs

Oscar Pistorius is a olympic runner, he is also a convicted murderer. He is the first amputee to run at the olympics, he run 400m in a heat of 5 to qualify to the semi finals. He ran his PB in that race, 45.44 sec. In 2013 he murdered his girlfriend. Allegedly, he thought that there was an intruder, but it was his girlfriend, he grabbed his pistol and shot at her, he still oblivious that it was his gilfriend followed her and when she locked herself in the bathroom shot through the door. He admitted to shooting her but, mistook her for a intruder. He was sentenced to prison for 6 years for murder. He will come out of prison in 2022.

Exercise a high degree of caution. Be aware of student protest marches.

  • Continent: Europe
  • Country: Denmark
  • Surrounding Countries: Sweden, Germany
  • Distance between Cape Town and Copenhagen: 9511kms
  • Latitude: 56 north
  • Longtitude: 13 east
  • The Copenhagen Metropolitan area has just over 2 million inhabitants.

About 15000 people in Denmark belong to a German minority, traditionally called hjemmetyskere, it means "domestic Germans" in Danish. There are around 7000 Danish Jews in the country. Of the 23000 peope that are ethnicly Faroese 19000 of them reside permantently in Denmark.

Non-Scandinavian ethnic minorities :
  • Inuit (Greenlandic) from the territory of Greenland
  • Turks
  • Arabs (i.e. Palestinians, followed by Moroccans, Syrians, Lebanese, Yemenis, Egyptians, Iraqis and Jordanians)
  • Vietnamese
  • Thai
  • Chinese
  • Pakistanis
  • Iranians
  • Somalis
  • Ethiopians
  • Sudanese
  • Kurds
  • Indians
  • Chileans (the most numerous of Latin American nationalities)
  • Bosniaks
  • Albanians
  • Bangladeshis

From the 14th century Copenhagen was known as the cultural centre of the Danish language is apart of the northern Germanic languages. At around 1000AD the Danish language begain to develop its own unique characteristic.

The dialect that is currently used is a dialect that revolved around Copenhagen. As Copenhagen is the centre of of most things in Denmark it would have the most effect on the language or dialect spoken.

  1. Hello
  2. How are you?
  3. Can I have some pizza?
  • Hej (pronunciated "hi")
  • Hvordan har du det (pronunciated "vardan ha doo de")
  • Må jeg få noget pizza (pronunciated moya, as in oi with a "m" and a an a sound (fwor soft w (rhymes with for)) neh (rhymes with "urrh") pizza)
Scandanavian Dialects
Cultural Attractions

The Rosenborg Castle is a great place to go. In the early 17th century Christian IV, one of the most famous Scandinavian kings, built the Rosenborg Castle. The Rosenborg Castle has a magnificent Venetian Glass Collection and a Flora Danica.

The Crown Jewels

The Crown Jewels that are kept in Rosenborg Castle.

Christian V's Crown

Queen Sophie's Crown

King Christian IV's crown

Rosenborg Castle

This is the Knight's Hall. Inside are three life size silver lions, coronation thrones and the tapestries on the wall commemorate the battles between Denmark and Sweden.

Kronborg Castle served as the home of the Royal family until the 16 hundreds. The Kronborg Castle also acted as a military base. It became famous after William Shakespeare wrote his play Hamlet, this play was based upon a Danish Prince.

Kronborg Castle

Exercise normal level of safety precautions. Border control on the border between Sweden and Denmark have been heightened because of the vehicle attack on the pedistrian street in central Stockholm.

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