Winter Look Book Find new products + new trends from Peripeti candles

Trendy herbal fragrance blends are popular all year + with good reason. We created our Fresh Air as a refreshing blend of Eucalyptus, Rosemary + Thyme. It truly is a a burst of fresh winter air + the essential oils used are known to have air purifying properties, making it perfect for these closed-in winter months.

A blend of Eucalyptus, Rosemary + Thyme creates a refreshing burst of fresh air

I look forward to this season all year as a chance to slow down, if this is you then you NEED our new scent, Hibernation!

Hibernation is a soft scent of oak, cashmere + chestnut with just a touch of Amber to warm things up. Due to the oils used the stock is extremely small + won't be remade so get yours now!

We only made this soy candle in our Wooden Wick, because the lovely crackling sound is a must this time of year!

Beautiful blend of Oak, Cashmere, Chestnut + Amber for your winter hideaway

Pomegranate has traditionally been symbolic of prosperity + well being, which makes it perfect for your home as we welcome the first part of 2018!

Our Pomegranate Spice Soy Candle is fresh pomegranate blended with the sweet + subtle spices of Cinnamon + Nutmeg for an uplifting fragrance to fill your home this Winter!

Uplifting Pomegranate with subtle spices of Cinnamon + Nutmeg

Bees Wax is known for the warm glow of its flame + air purifying properties which will keep you feeling warm + cozy this winter.

Our Bees Wax Votive are available in two popular scents, Amber and Lavender + Orange, both are sure to warm your spirits this Winter! Now available in sets of 4! Each with a 12-15 hour burn time!

and don't forget, our Curated Signature Series offers popular boutique fragrances that work all year!

Happy Wintering!

from, Peripeti Candles


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