Harn Museum by brett heggie

Medium of Art

This particular piece of art is made of old different colored aluminum foil that was compressed and molded together. This is an American piece made by John Chamberlain. This piece caught my eye immediately because I wondered what exactly it was and stood for. I could tell it was carefully put together because if it was not, all of the pieces of foil would fall apart. The picture does not fully show how strange, yet interesting this piece really is. Something that cant be seen is the texture that it has. What made it so striking to me is that it is made from aluminum foil and I have never seen a piece of art quite like it. This piece communicated to me that art can be made out of anything. The compressed foil made me feel that art has a different meaning to different people. For example, personally, I think the piece is ugly, whereas someone else may think its beautiful.

Design of the museum
Design of the Museum

The Asia Wing is beautifully put together and was 100% the most appealing wing to me. From the lighting reflecting of the hardwood floor, to the beautiful garden behind it, the David A. Cofrin Asia art wing was the highlight of my trip. The art work is evenly spaced out, making everything very neat and organized. The garden behind the wing was well kept together and appealing. The wing itself made me feel very comfortable while I was in it. The glass windows leading out into the garden was a great touch by the creators of the museum. The museum overall was well designed so that it could be organized by the different cultures.

Art and Core Value

This piece of art is my favorite for personally reasons. the "swimming gator" by Hiram Williams is a American piece. The painting is from 1993 and is made of mixed media on canvas. Considering the art is a gator we immediately had a connection because so am I. I look at the picture and think that the gator is moving towards a goal and leaving the past in the past, well so am I. The gator looks almost like he is lost and trying to find his way much like me from this past year in college. This artwork helps me understand to believe in the process of life and also motivates me to try and be the best I can be. Once a gator always a gator.

Art and the Good Life

The piece "Cast of thousands, Serra Pelda, Brazil by Sebastiao salgado is made from gelatin silver paint from 1986. This piece of art made me realize how good of a life I already live and how much harder and harsher it could be for me. "cast of thousands" made me feel like I need to help others in need, I feel this way because the art portrays it to be that way. These people are all working very hard in a ditch with minimal clothes on while I'm sitting here in air conditioning, typing on a computer. I believe the Good life theme that is depicted in this piece is that if you work hard and efficiently in life then things will begin to improve. It communicates this to me because all these people are at the bottom of the totem pole and the only direction they can go is up. I appreciate this piece of art because it reminds me to keep working hard if I want to live a better life.


Thank you, Brett Heggie

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