Access to clean water in Algeria reem kayser

Water is very important for everybody for living a healthy life. Access to clean water in Algeria is very important subject, not everyone in Algeria has access to clean water and this is causing problems. Not having access to clean water is impacting on health very bad.

Water is very important it might protect against some types of cancer and It protects your heart: Drinking a large amount of water could help prevent heart attacks. 70% of the earth is water, and 75% of the human body is water, 85% of the brain is water, also 80% of the blood is water and 70% of the muscles is water. At the moment 85% have access to improved drinking water sources, but that means 15% do not have access to clean water. When there is no access to clean water, people have to drink dirty water, which has diarrhea diseases, and a lot of bacteria. In Algeria many people don’t get access to clean water, and there are also many people that don’t get water at all.with this data you can know why water is so important.

A huge number of people dying every day from dirty water in all the world, World Water Day 20 March 2005: 4,000 children die each day from a lack of safe water. In this days the number is growing, In Algeria 5,000 children kills from dirty water a day. The average is:1,825,000 million deaths children a year from dirty water. There are 1,000 more children are kills every day The average is:1,825,000 million deaths children a year. 1.1 billion people do not have access to clean water in all the world. Every 19 seconds a mother loses one of her children from dirty water. This problem cause to many deaths and disease people it can not pass like that someone have to do something in this subject. people don't need to live like that, they can't live they dying.


Water, the stuff of life and a basic human right. Everywhere there have water have life, you can’t live without water you will die. We have to drink water for our life this is the most thing important for the body if you want to live. Many Africans get less than 20 liters of water a day. From all the countries in the world Eritrea is in the top of the list in this topic.

I think unclean water (dirty water) is a very big problem in all the world in this days. Many people dying from this reason, the thing that can help that some rich people or rich countries can to help to the countries that have this problem, they can help in build or improve the sanitation facilities. But what I can do it, raise some money from selling cookies and juice or to present the problem to people who can help to this people.

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