How to heal the world The enviroment In the eArth

I am go to talk about the enviroment in the earth . The enviroment is the range of fisic , chemical and biologics components , of the people or the society in it range and it is in the nature .

A very importat part of the enviroment is the air that we brtinth .There are a lot of people in the world that brinths polluted air , there are very afflicted areas are China and Japan (Asia) . Many people of these country have to go on the street with mask because the air of this country is very polluted and it is very toxic flor the body

Polluted air

In our daily life , ours streets are very dirty because the people mess the street and they doesn ' t think that we have to look after our earth If you recicle the trash and you don ' t mess the street you are look aftering the earth , for recicle you have to pull apart the trash in green , blue , yellow , black and orange bins , the green is for the glass , blue is for paper and paperboard , the yellow is for the plastic , black is for remains and the Orange is for the bottles of oil .

Cubos de reciclaje

The sea is a very important part of the enviroment , in the beach people use of bin the sea and they doesn ' t think that they are polluting the world , killing fishes ... People doesn ' t help because they think se that If one of they colaborate , the earth will never change , bit If we think this , the world will never can change

The sea

Lucía Santana Hernández 2 A. 13 de diciembre

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