This is Adam Buck. Buck and I go way back, back to even before the early days of Red Bull Winch Sessions. Buck originally drove the Red Bull MXT (you know, the big transformer truck thats secretly a dj booth?) and eventually made his way into video producing, most notably producing the Red Bull Winch Sessions series.

Besides being known for driving the truck, Buck has always been known for getting rad on a bike.

He now spends his days following that passion, building mountain biking trails across the US.

This past summer, we tried to connect several times in order to line a shoot up together. But both our busy schedules didn't allow for that to happen. A few days ago, after I had almost forgotten about linking up, Buck hit me up and informed me that he was done with his trail building for the season and had a couple days off to go out and shoot. I dropped everything and we made a plan to head out to Welch Village the next day to shoot a few trails he had a hand in building.

Our day started early, but not as early as I think we would have hoped. Thankfully so, as I woke up to a layer of frost that morning that would have made the trails difficult to ride.

Along the drive, we came across a bucket truck that, to our surprise, was very much on fire.

Buck's instincts kicked in and he pulled over immediately, grabbing his fire extinguisher to help.

Thankfully, it appeared that they had everything under control. But seeing the flames spew from a truck powered by hydraulics definitely made us nervous.

We lent them the extinguisher and were on our way.

We arrived at Welch and started shooting, making our way from the top of the trail, working our way down. We snagged a few shots early and proceeded to try a few different things including a 360 sequence. (See Below)

Eventually we found a birm full of leaves and I knew I wanted to get a sick leaf shot. It took us a few tries, but eventually we got the right mix of leaves, sun and lean to get the shot.

It was a rad little shoot, especially since I was able to dial in the new Elinchrom ELB1200's a little bit more. Pretty stoked on these things. Can't wait to see what else they can do.


Ryan Taylor 

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