World War II the second world war


Have you ever heard of World War 2? It was a sad part of our history with over 6 ½ million deaths. In this article, you will learn about the beginning, middle, and end of WWII. I believed everyone fought for two things: freedom and justice. And they were absolutely right from beginning to end. People fought some of the scariest things to defend their country during WWII. In the end people that survived the bombings airstrikes and destruction with the allies were rewarded with world peace.


On Sep. 1 1939, WWII began with the Germans invading of Poland. it was very unexpected. two days later though, France and Britain declared war on Germany. By june 19, 1941 Germany had taken over Denmark and Norway. In between those times, Italy had entered the war as an Axis power which were the people with the Germans. Until the 22, blitzkrieg had been a known tactic for Germany. It is known in an English term as lightning war and is swift strikes to take over a city or a country! It was used to take over Western Europe, Netherlands, Belgium, and Northern France.

Blitzkrieg planes going in for an airstrike


Blitzkrieg ended when Germany did an attack on Britain when the R.A.F. (Royal Air Force) put a stop to it which was a famous war called The Great Battle of Britain and by August 25, the Allies (which were France, and Britain at the time) had retaken Paris. Soon after in 1941, Germany tried to invade Russia to gain more land but were stopped by the coming of winter and had to wait it out. Once spring, the German forces went straight toward Moscow (the capital) but was counter attacked and pushed back.


Back near North America though, the axis made a huge bombing on Pearl Harbor for their fuel. A few days later, the U.S. came to the conclusion to join the Allies. In 1942, June 4, the U.S. navy had taken out the Japanese navy at the battle of Midway. On the other side of the world as well, the U.S. was victorious. The U.S. had landed on and taken out Italy, the 3rd axis power who signed the Tribulate document with Japan and Germany it meant that these three countries were the main Axis force. Up North as well the Allies were winning.

paratroopers landing on the beaches.


To push Germany back and retake France, the Allies would send in the first paratroopers. Hitler did not think the Allies would be able to land but within a month though, there were 929,000 troops on French grounds with about 177,000 vehicles. And 10 weeks later, Germany’s 7th army was defeated. With their final forces, Germany launches a large attack called The Battle of the Bulge but loses with heavy losses on both sides. And on April 30th, 1945 the man who started the war, Adolf Hitler, committed suicide

a big navy fleet of ships


Which brings me to the U.S. Armada (a big group of navy ships). It persisted with (are you ready?), it consisted of 40 cruisers, 18 battleships, 200 destroyers and hundreds of cruisers, supply ships, minesweepers, gunboats, landing craft, patrol boats, salvage ships, repair ships, submarines, and finally 1500 transports carrying 182,000 troops. They used all of this to take over Okinawa. But instead of a full on assault, the first atomic Bomb was dropped on Hiroshima.

Germany that has been destroyed


When Japan refused defeat again, they dropped another bomb on Nagasaki and they finally gave in. Soon after, on May 7, 1945, the document was signed to end the war in France. A separate treaty was signed with Japan, and this concluded the war. This was an especially happy time for all the deaths that had occurred throughout the war. A lot of family and friends died from bombs, and destruction and their religion.

the atomic bomb


The Atomic bomb was the weapon that ended WWII, but it was also devastating it caused so many deaths with a plutonium (a highly radioactive element) core. It also had (can you believe this?) 11 tons of Dynamite, it was HUGE! The Atomic bomb works like this. In it, is the Neutron initiator ( the thing that splits Atoms)inside the plutonium core. Spherical shock wave inside the bomb compresses the core so tight, the Atom splits into Protons which causes a nuclear reaction and since the rest of the bomb is packed with fast and slow explosives, the explosion is HUGE! Usually, when a bomb is dropped, it’s dropped from a high place to give the pilot time to escape before impact. The nuclear bomb is very deadly and many have been lost to it.


Love is a wonderous thing. During WWII was when it kept you going the most. People say war is like a fire. WWII started for many fires though. For instance, religion, political disagreement, discrimination. You may think ‘ why don’t we accept are differences?’ well I have a theory. It is easier to point out differences than accepting them. To overcome differences, you didn’t need a bomb or a gun, all you needed to have was love. Love drives us through the hard time and makes us feel good through the better ones. It is how wars can be avoided.

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