Stratus: rain or snow

Located: 2000m

Shape: gray sheet cloud

Nimbostratus: rain or snow

Altitude: 2000m

Shape: low sheet cloud


Cumulus: fair

Altitude: 1000m

Shape: cotton

Altostratus: rain

Altitude: 6km

Shape: flat

Altocumulus: rain

Altitude: 9km

Shape: rolls

Cumulonimbus: thunderstorm

Altitude: 11-4 km

Shape: fluffy mushroom

Cirrocumulus: cold weather

Altitude: 12km

Shape: bumps

Cirrus: fair

Altitude: 6,000m

Shape: waves


Created with images by Brandon Morse - "cloud" • Fitze - "half moon sky blue" • 3dman_eu - "clouds sky cloud" • Christopher Ba - "Clouds" • AdinaVoicu - "sunset birds cloud" • DHPersonal - "Clouds" • macayran - "sunset sea ​​of ​​clouds clouds" • sandid - "sky cloud sunset" • andrewmalone - "Clouds"

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