Tremendous' Weekly Content Review! 01-24 -- 01-30

Another week of amazing content just passed and I would hate for any of you to miss it! So, due to my incredible generosity (and contractual obligations) I bring to you the weekly content review! BOOM!

Leading us off this week is, once again, BLONDE BEER! (The Orange Road). Its fitting, the man puts out more content in a week than most of us do in a month. AND! its always high quality content! This week we've got a review of EoS, and some Saurian taking on a WotDG battle report! Solid stuff!

Slann Rat Radio!

Raffazza of Slann Rat Radio Podcast gives us another amazing episode this week. In it the guys discuss the Beast Herds and an upcoming tournament, Paddyhammer. I truly enjoy their show!

Genephelps of Wargaming from the Balcony is up next with his usual outstanding content! This week we get a great discussion between the guys about gaming communities and why its important to support your local store. Then we get a response video to Warhammer Weekly's Topic of the week! In it the guys talkabout their first armies! And then a touching video about a gift one of the Balcony guys received from a fan. Then, just when you thought they couldn't get better, the guys drop a 6000 point battle report on our heads!

Then the guys give their take on the rule freeze, which is an excellent video! Followed up by an Ogre Khan Army book review!

Darksky is up next and this week we get another beautiful written battle report pitting the Dread Elves against a Beast Herd army. I love reading these, they are choice! Then, just to tease us, Dark Sky posted a single picture of his beautifully painted elves. More are coming, but he wants to make you droll a little first. Smart guy!

Rasmus7814 brings us another excellent battle report! In it the Warriors of the Dark Gods take on the Dwarven Holds in what you KNOW is going to be a game decided in the close combat phase! Which is exactly where games should be decided.

So I'm up next and this week I bring you my acceptance speech for winning the 2016 BEST T9A CONTENT award. Warhammer Weekly hosts these every year and this year the Russian Hackers decided I was going to be the winner! Thanks Russia! :D I also bring you the 2nd installment of the Square table. In it SkaveninAZ, Tunafishsandwichify, Green Dragon Gaming, and Genephleps (And I) talk about many important aspects of T9A... and about our kids pooping on us. It's awesome!

Next up is our newest content team member. HRBP (H R on You tube... or as I like to call him, The Sustainable Center) brings us a literal avalanche of T9A content in a way only he can. Tons of great videos this week from the man hitting on many subjects and with his patented objectivity. Then, as an added bonus, he throws in a Battle Report or two. Love this guy!


The Vermin lord of the Dark gods is back this week and in great form! This week, SKAVENINAZ brings us new battle reports featuring his Warriors of the Dark Gods army! Its fun to watch the Vermin Lord play in big clunky armor! SkaveninAZ also shares with us a very well thought out and argued opinion on why VS have it worse than everyone else when it comes to War Machines. Defiantly worth a listen and a like!

There is No Spoon brings us some content as a member of the advisory Board. This is unusual, but not unwanted in anyway. Its a really good read and helps clarify what the execs and the other teams thought processes are. For those of you that crave transparency, this will be your favorite bit of content for the week!

Ahol (Mr. Axhol) is up next and this week he brings us the rest of his battle reports from his Tournament! I love these because I get to follow the reporter during each of his games and see why he placed like he did. Great stuff from a great content provider! Go check it out!

Petterwass is up next with his very in-depth review of TMS's Castellan model. I have come to trust Petterwass' reviews on models and respect his take on the subject. His painting comes out bold and clear and his reviews show both the good and the bad. This review is no different in either scope, or honesty. Go check it out!

Mittierim brings us another narrative battle report this week! I wont lie, I look forward to these because I'm always excited to see where the narrative goes next! This weeks episode was not a let down. If youre not addicted to this guys channel already you will be soon!

Warboss Tooth (CHIHAMMER) is back and this week he brings us a fantastic report that shows Zod and KOOOOOOOOOOPAAAAAAA! Coming out of retirement. I literally cheer for these guys when I watch his reports! Enjoy!

SmithF returns this week after conquering real life and brings us a tantalizing teaser where he discusses a potential list for an upcoming tournament. It was enough that I'm very much looking forward to seeing the reports of his games!

And that is going to do it. Another week, and another amazing round of excellent content from the T9A team. I challenge you to prove me wrong! (Then, I challenge you to a game!) Hope you enjoyed the week and are looking as forward to next week as I am! THANKS!

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