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Come visit the frosty Himalayas in Asia. The Himalayas have the highest mountain peaks in the world with more than 110 peaks. One of these peaks is Mount Everest. Mount Everest attracts great challenges to many people. The Himilayas have some of the greatest and prettiest views too. Look at the image in the background.
If you were going to visit the Plateau of Tibet you would see beautiful lakes. You can also see animals if you go to the fertile plain. These animals are wild donkeys, gazelles, eagles, yaks, etc. It is 29,035 above sea level so you can imagine how beautiful it is. I hope to see you there!
This is the Taklimakan Desert which is one of the largest deserts in the world. In the summer it is around 77-100 degrees so it's perfect weather. The Taklimakan Desert has beautiful views as well. Even though it may be very sandy it is worth it.
The Gobi desert is an amazing place to visit it has amazing sculptures made out of sandstone and clay. This is one of the sculptures. There are also mountain ranges and such by it. Most of the Gobi is rock instead of sand. You could also visit the lonely gazelles, wild camels, horses, and many reptiles.
This is the North China Plain. Most of this plain is 160 feet below sea level. The plain is boarded by the Yan mountains so there would be really cool sightings there as well. The plain has a widespread flood every few years but other than that the North China Plain will be a great place to visit.
This is the Huang He River also known as the yellow river. As you can tell it is yellow. It passes through Hui Autonomous region. Yellow river is yellow because of all of the sediment that is built up. You could also cool down in the river if you want too.
Come visit us at the Chang Jiang River. This river is the third longest river in the world. It has high mountain ranges with great views. More than three fourths of the river is in the mountains so you could be surrounded by them. You could even jump off of the sides of the mountain if you really wanted too.
This is the Bay of Bengal. It has perfect weather ranging from 70 degrees to 85 degrees. The bay has very slick and ruffled surface movements over the shallow waves. Therefor your little kids that aren't that tall can swim in it. Who wouldn't want to come and visit the Bay of Bengal.
Come take a dip in the Dead Sea. You don't have to worry about drowning because you just float. Just because the name is Dead Sea doesn't mean anything this is an excellent place to visit. The Dead Sea is the closest place to the bottom of the world. There are very few animals due to the saltiness so you won't have anything harming you while you are there.
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