Saint Peter

Simon Peter was a native of Bethsaida, near Lake Tiberias and was the son of Jonah. He and his brother Andrew were fishermen on Lake Genesareth. The two brothers met Jesus on a day when the fishing was poor, jesus commanded them to cast their nets on the other side of the boats. After following his command they netted so many fish their nets began to rip and their boats began to sink. Simon asnd his brother immediately dropped everything and followed Jesus,
Simon accompanied Jesus throughout many of his miracles, the most famous being the incident when he walked on water and sunk because of his lack of faith. Another famous incident is when he denied Jesus three times after it had been prophesied.
After the crucifiction of Jesus it was peter who first entered the empty tomb after Jesus had been risen, and how Jesus appeared to peter first and he was given three chances to reconcile his denial Jesus asked him three times "Do you love me?".
Following the acension of Jesus, Peter was the first to preform miracles in the name of the lord, and instrumental in bringing the gospel to the gentiles. After King Herod began to persecute of the followers of Jesus Peter was saved from Herod by being broken out of prison by an angel.
After this incident Peter continued teaching the good news of Jesus as a missionary in pagan cities such as Antioch, Corinth, and Rome. He is Believed to have died in Rome in 64 A.D

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