Do you got this without me children of the womb. In which place did I teach you love matters. Look not unto my father or yours but believe in the father above. Conquer fear and challenge death that brings your mother to her very knees. How do I know when to try and when is there man on our side. Woman everywhere know that we're an object of emotion you must smile no tears or pain sorry I never knew any good people here. The ones that die should have been saved and how will you be to love yourself. Every long lost road block it all out the angels of hell walk around. Reach beyond the universe and spirit unleash. To me you were everything but how will you believe. In death I hear angels and flowers sing what I'd do to hear one thing . Sorry my lovely children everywhere men can conquer what we fear. No industry will treat your beauty and men will blend in lies for you. Pray for even now I show no pain broken mom is almost done. Learn from where I do not know . Live for you I hope so. As for me I feeel ashamed that I didn't conquer the soul to get up again. From whom did u learn to crawl it was your knees that did it all. Cheers for you no matter where I be and peace won't be shared from who learned these things. I watched you walk and fall if only people picked you up and cheered you on. But I hear angels have wings so I offer you this for strength. Beg from the creator who moves the earth for mommy can't get up I'm sorry I'm no worth. Reach big think hard or they draw from you all hope at all. Men stay to men hopefully no sin as you must see we were only a extra rib.

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