coral Kennedy spain

The coral reef can be any color and small or big and it weighs 7 lbs or 3 oz and a coral reef can have any body shape.

The coral reefs has no family members.To survive corals need a lot of sunlight. Also corals eat plant around them.

Coral reefs are mostly found in North pacific ocean and indian ocean.

To survive it also needs water to gets its color. the coral reef has bright colors and dark colors. The coral reef lives with a group.

Also the coral reef covers 2./. percent of the earth! Also the coral reef . Also coral reefs have a lot of predators like a shark ,sea stars,sea urchins and cucumbers and coral can be deep as 150 feet and some coral reefs can be deeper like 450 feet.

If you put trash in the coral reef the coral reef can lose its color.


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