Watch These Kids Bloom 2016 a year in review & looking forward to 2017

We Love the Children others have left behind

2016 has proven to be a year of building and stabilization, productive and blessed beyond measure. We could not have done it without your support. Our donor plaque on display at the Bloom Center.

Sharing our story with his wife

Construction of our first Bloom Center began November 2, 2015 and the children moved in May 31, 2016. The Bloom Center is equipped to hold thirty children and we currently care for 24 children (12 boys & 12 girls.) It did not take long for everyone to settle into their new environment and routine. These children are blossoming and loving their new lives thanks to you!

Bloom Center Leadership

Karuna & Prabhudas Chokka

Prabhudas and Karuna Chokka have worked diligently and from their hearts since 2012 to care for the forgotten children of Kakinada. It is because of this amazing couple that the children in The Bloom Center are thriving and on the path to a bright future. This team of two worked day and night for eight months to ensure the successful completion of the center while continuing to care for their own two chidlren, the Bloom Center children as well their ministry and community programs.

church Leadership

We could not be where we are today without Pastor Paul

Since the beginning we have had tremendous support, Spiritual covering and guidance from a local leader who built his church over 25 years ago. Pastor Paul is a well known and respected Christian leader in the city of Kakinada, India. This amazing man of God comes from a very simple background and has built a strong church, connections within the government and communities. Pastor Paul has done a tremendous amount of work behind the scenes to help us become a strong and respected Christian ministry in a very diverse culture.

Pastor Paul's Church

Both Bloom Center properties are adjacent and directly across from Pastor Paul's Church. The placement of the center allows for a covering that we would not have had if the land were in a different location.

View of Bloom Center properties (Church on the right)

In June of 2015 while in India searching for land co-founder Kurt Swart suggested we purchase these two properties while at a team dinner. Directly from dinner Pastor Paul met the land owners and spent four hours negotiating until they finally accepted our first offer.

An amazing leader to the people of Kakinada

Co-Founder Kurt Swart - Man in Community - Pastor Paul

Thank you Pastor Paul for your love and support over the past 5 years. We look forward to a bright future which will include your friendship, love and leadership. We all love you very much.

Pastor Paul is a pillar for his community

The Bloom Center

Our contractor Swammy overseeing the work

We had an amazing team overseeing the creation of The Bloom Center. Both Priya Darshan (Architect) and Swammy (Construction Contractor) went above and beyond with their efforts and personal finances to make sure the children had the best of everything. Swammy was very conscious to only purchase quality materials to help us give the children a beautiful place to live. Swammy has a great heart for our children.

Priya completed his Architectural thesis on a children's home which he was able to make come to life and is now our Bloom Center. When we met Priya he was beginning to venture out on his own as an Architect. Once the Bloom Center was complete his career and business blossomed and he his now living in Hyderabad flourishing.

The Men who made The Bloom Center come to life

Our Bloom Center came from the vision and hard work of the men pictured above (Left to Right Founder Janet Green, Architect Priya and Contractor Swammy)

Bloom Center Progression

Amazing it only took eight months for our Bloom Center to blossom!

Life is now worth celebrating for these children

The children enjoy celebrating and give thanks for their new family and lives.

Celebrating comes easy now

People want to become part of this blessed life

People outside of the poverty stricken community are learning about The Bloom Center and want to visit and see what we are doing for these children. Many are providing love and support to the children in different ways. New friends cooked and served the children a great lunch and enjoy being at the Bloom Center.

as a family they came to prepare and serve the children a special lunch

our Doctor

He makes house calls


The Bloom Center has a wonderful and dedicated doctor who has a heart to help children. In addition to having his own medical practice he volunteers his time to visit and care for children living in poverty. His first visit was in the month of November and gave each child a check-up and left Karuna with diet recommendations and vitamins for the children. He plans to come once per month to follow up on the children's health.

The Doctor checking each child and discussing their health


Great to see I am healthy!!

Our doctor came for his second visit in the month of December and is very pleased that many of the children have gained weight since taking the vitamins and the implementation of his diet suggestions. One of the newer children named Sai gained 5 Kilos or 11 pounds since the doctors last visit. Many of the older girls are also increasing in weight thanks to these changes. The Bloom Center has a large refrigerator/freezer and more food can be stored meaning less trips to the market and easier planning and preparation.

A couple years ago we looked into the cost to provide all children with commercially purchased vitamins. We calculated it would cost between $200-$300 per month to provide the basics. This was not in our budget... Like everything else we prayed and trusted the Lord would provide the best solution in the perfect time. As always the solution is better than we could have ever imagined. We have a doctor who makes house calls and provides physician grade vitamins for the children for a cost of $58-$100 per month based on the needs of the children.

Wow! I have to use these vitamin tonics.

Our church

In June of this year a very poor woman in a surrounding community donated her land to us for a church to be built. We were able to hold the first church service on the land itself and that day Miracles and blessings rained down on the people.

Bloom Center Family taking possession of the Church land

After church service people lined up for prayer and we had miraculous results.

This young girl was being prayed for by Founder Janet Green when she began to manifest a demonic spirit. Co-founder Kurt Swart joined to help until the girl was completely set free.

Delivered from demonic spirit
Prayer Leads to Deliverance

Many Healing Miracles, Salvation's and demonic deliverance took place in this predominately Hindu community.

After experiencing the Love and Power of God the community quickly came together and built this beautiful place of worship and gathering.

Shalom House of Prayer

The House of God where we preach the resurrected Christ

Founder Mission trips

This year we were blessed to make two separate trips to India as a team. The first trip was in March to check on construction and again in early July to ensure the children were settled once they moved into their new home.

Our Mission trips are multi-faceted but our main focus is always on the children. This year we had many great milestones to focus on and as always we made sure to have quality family time.

Hotel Pool Side

In the past we have made it a tradition to treat the children to our hotel accommodations as this introduces them to life outside the poverty they are surrounded by and shows them possibilities of their future. Also, before the completion of The Bloom Center we did not have a space large enough to gather and spend time other than the hotel.

we have fun together

we pray together and for each other

We strongly believe it is important to teach everyone but especially the children that they have the same access and ability to bring the Kingdom of God to earth as we do. We spend time teaching and having the children activate their gifts of healing and miracles through prayer and laying of hands.

All together praying for Karuna's health

COMMUNITY CHILDREN are welcome and learn about christ

Co-Founder Kurt Swart gathers community children on the larger Bloom Center Lot where they are playing along with our children and share the Gospel of Christ and offer them the gift of Salvation. We also had a small birthday celebration for Sharon Lily (baby Janet - daughter of Prabhudas and Karuna.)

Community Children Give Their Lives to Christ

Happy Birthday to Sharon Lily

we gather for going away hugs

We are sending them off to school as they send us off to travel home

Leaving is always difficult but we all know we will all see each other soon.

Off to school they go...

Our children are creative

The children enjoy creating art to show their love and thanks for the people in their lives.

Shanti is one of our original children who is now 16

our children are thankful

The children learned about USA Thanksgiving and created art of thanks.

our children celebrate the birth of christ

Every year Prabhudas, Karuna, the children and Pastor Paul put together a wonderful Christmas celebration which includes dancing, singing, prayer, food, fellowship and spreading the Gospel of Jesus throughout the streets of Kakinada.

"The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the one and only Son, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth." John 1:14 (NIV)

This year Founder Janet Green will travel to India and spend Christmas with the Children celebrating the birth of Christ. We have so much to celebrate this year and we will be together for our first Christmas at The Bloom Center.

As part of the celebration each Bloom Center child receives a new Christmas outfit so they can look their best on Christmas Day.

New Christmas Dress

Greeting's from the bloom center

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and THANK YOU for The Bloom Center!!!

Looking Forward - 2017

We here at Watch These Kids Bloom have tremendous Faith in the future. God has proven to be faithful to his Word and Promises since the beginning.

2017 will be a year of continued stabilization as we continue helping our children to heal, grow and learn in all areas of life. Our current children range from ages 2 to 16 all with different needs. Most of our children have been with us for many years while many were taken in over the last several months. Most of the children seem to naturally flourish in their new family environment and some struggle. Our goal is to ensure overall peace and harmony in the home and with some children this will take more effort and time. We rely on the love and support of others to help us with this amazing mission. Our vision is big but with God nothing is impossible.

The knowledge and reputation of our center is spreading quickly throughout the surrounding areas. Some of our children traveled many hours with a concerned adult to our center in hopes they could be one of the children to live a better life. Women are bringing complete orphaned children to us in hopes to get them off the dangerous streets. We are almost at full capacity with so many more to help. Our vision is to not just care for these children's basic needs but to raise them into healthy and productive adults. Our goal is to have quality living quarters for these children to thrive and that these buildings will stand the test of time.

helping more children with a Larger bloom Center

When we purchased the lot of land for the current Bloom Center an even larger vision was in our hearts. During this same time we purchased an additional lot with the faith a larger center would be developed to house up to 100 children. This year we built up the land to be a play area for the children, planted a garden and built a structure with a slab for large meal preparation, cooking and storage. We are believing for partners to help us fund this second Bloom Center in these coming years.

We have room to grow


We are excited to make new friends around the world!


This past November we launched our International Pen Pal program. Click the button below to find out more!


Annie & Braddock

Over the last several years the children have been asking for a pet dog. The children have been exposed over time to Founder Janet Green's dogs and have fallen in love with them. They have prayed for them when they were sick and enjoy saying hello over Skype. Animals in rural parts of India are not treated well and caring for a dog as a household pet would be extremely challenging. We discussed getting a pet dog once the Bloom Center was completed but we don't feel the children are quite ready for this level of responsibility. Over the next year the children will be exposed to many different kinds of living things to help them understand the level of responsibility required to have a pet. Our house mother Karuna this past year assigned each child a plant in the garden. Each child is responsible for caring for their plant. We are looking into smaller pets such as gold fish, and indoor bird etc. to be the next challenge if they do well with the garden.

We Need and Appreciate You!!

We cannot express our thankfulness to you - our partners in this mission. We cannot do this without the support of others and we are forever grateful.

If you are interested in financially partnering with us please do so as the need is great. We are open to any and all questions regarding our operations. Please feel free to contact Janet Green directly at any time. The "Contact Us" button below will direct you to our website where contact details are listed.

Thank you for taking the time to find out more about us. God Bless you and yours this upcoming year and always.

“For as the earth bursts with spring wildflowers, and as a garden cascades with blossoms, So the Master, God, brings righteousness into full bloom and puts praise on display before the nations.” ISAIAH 61:11

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